4/5 Game Recap

Player of the Game

In today’s win against the Red Sox, Josh Tomlin won his first ‘Player of the Game’ of 2011. Tomlin scored a 6.60 player of the game score by pitching 7 innings and only allowing one run. Tomlin got the win and struck out three. Most impressively, Tomlin got a ton of ground balls and two double plays. Orlando Cabrera came in second with a ‘POG’ Score of 2.33. Cabrera had a one run single and later scored. The team ‘POG’ score was 18.17.

Feathers Up

Josh Tomlin pitched a great game, allowing only one run in 7 innings against the great (0-4) Red Sox. He did his job by getting 17 ground balls, and his defense did their job behind him, getting two double plays.

“Chia Pronk” (Thanks, Rick Manning for the new nickname) hit another double today, his first of the season, giving him (along with Michael Brantley and Orlando Cabrera) a hit in every game this season. This is a great start at the plate for a notoriously slow starter and a return to form for Hafner, back to his pre injury days.

The Speed Demons have finally shown up. After going the first series without a steal, the Indians stole 3 bases against Boston today. Michael Brantley, Asdrubal Cabrera and super quick Matt LaPorta had the steals. Brantley also advanced to third on an overthrow on his steal. This could have had to do with Jared Saltalamacchia being behind the plate, but its a good sign either way.

Feathers Down

Chris ‘Pure Rage’ Perez was not perfect. How dare the umpires call any pitch he throws a ball. He still earned his first save, though and the hair is looking good.

Shin Soo-Choo had another tough start today at the plate. So far he only has one hit this season and that came in the opener. Today, Choo struck out twice and left two runners in scoring position. This hasn’t affected his defense, however, as Choo had a great outfield assist to get a runner at home. Nothing to really get worried about yet, but its something to keep an eye on if it continues. No more negatives today as the Tribe got back to .500.

Final score, Indians 3 runs on 5 hits, Red Sox 1 run on 4 hits.

Joseph Coblitz

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