4/8 Recap

Player of the Game

In today’s mashing of the Seattle Mariners, every Indians starter had a ‘Player of the Game’ score of over 1.00. The largest of these scores was, by far, earned by Travis Hafner with a 7.75. All of Pronk’s positive points came in one inning, the 10 run 4th, where he hit an RBI single, followed 8 hitters later by a mammoth 3 run home run off the facing in right field. Carlos Carrasco was the top pitcher and second best player overall with a ‘POG’ score of 6.05, allowing just one run in 6 innings. Carrasco, Hafner and Austin Kearns all had season high ‘POG’ scores. The team score was the highest so far this season as well at 36.31.

Feathers way up

The Indians scored more runs against Seattle today than in any other game this season, increasing their winning streak to 5. In fact, the Indians scored as many runs in the 4th inning (10) as they did in their previous high scoring game (the opening day loss against Chicago).

Carlos Carrasco and Justin Germano both had great bounce-back games after they both had less than stellar starts to the season. In Germano’s first appearance since opening day, he pitched 2 innings, allowing no runs or hits and striking out two. Carrasco had pitched in the second game of the season and allowed 7 runs to score in 6+ innings. Today Carrasco pitched 6 again, but only allowed one run to score and struck out 6.

Travis Hafner and Asdrubal Cabrera both hit home runs today and are now tied for the team lead with 2 apiece. Its always good to know who the power hitters are on a team, and I think now we know.

The Cleveland Indians are now 5-2 to begin this young season and remain in first place.  

Feathers down

Ignoring the ninth inning (which we can do, because there was an 11 run lead going into it) the only problem today was that Ryan Langerhans walked in all four at bats (including one in that ugly 9th). This might be ok if Langerhans was the Mariner’s #3 or #4 hitter, but he is their #9 hitter. In baseball its a sin to walk the #9 hitter once, and Tribe pitching walked him 4 times. There weren’t really control problems with the pitchers today as Carrasco only walked 3 and there were only 6 total walks in the game. All I can say is that I can’t explain this one and luckily it didn’t matter.  

Final Score: Indians 12 runs on 17 hits, Seattle Mariners 3 runs on 6 hits (and a Matt LaPorta error).

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