5/12 Game Recap

Player of the Game

Asdrubal Cabrera took home his third ‘Player of the Game’ today, by showing off how powerful a hitter he can be. Cabrera hit a solo home run and a triple to right, scoring off of both hits. His final ‘POG’ score was 5.01, beating out his closest competitor, the other Cabrera, by 2 points. Also of note in ‘Player of the Game’ news is that Justin Masterson had his first negative game of the season today, leaving Josh Tomlin as the only regular player yet to have a bad game (Alex White and Mitch Talbot have yet to have negative games, but they’ve each only pitched in 2 games). Justin is still averaging 4.12 ‘POG’ points a start, making him by far the best player on the team in that regard.


Feathers Up

The Kelly Shoppach trade is really working out for the Indians. Not only it did give the Indians Mitch Talbot, who played great last season and will be coming back from injury soon and gave Carlos Santana a chance to start behind the plate, but it also gave the Indians a few free outs every game against the Rays that Shoppach plays.

Chad Durbin pitched well today for a change. When he has pitched like he did today, he has been able to go multiple innings without allowing a run and has earned a couple of wins. However, when he doesn’t pitch well, he can blow the whole game up very quickly. Luckily this time he was able to get the first batter he saw out with the bases loaded, saving Justin Masterson from having as many as 3 runs scored against him.


Feathers Down

Justin Masterson had his first poor start of the season, only managing 5.2 innings while allowing 5 earned runs. Masterson still only gave up one extra-base hit and struck out 6 in the loss, his first loss of the season.

Travis Hafner has not had an extra-base hit in the Indians last 14 games and has not hit a home run in the Tribe’s last 21. Hafner missed some time during this span with a foot injury, but that does not necessarily explain this lapse of power. Hafner did play better than expected in April and this may just be his numbers evening out a little bit. He is still hitting though and has the highest batting average on the team with a .333.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 4, Tampa Bay Rays 7

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