5/19 Game Recap

Player of the Game

Matt LaPorta mercifully took the ‘Player of the Game’ award away from Chad Durbin by hitting a home run in the ninth inning. Previous to this hit, the relief pitcher had been on his way to winning his second award, with an amazing score of 1.96. LaPorta finished the game with a score of 3.62, winning his 5th award of the season, the most of anyone on the team (tied with Fausto Carmona). Matt has won ‘Player of the Game’ in three of the last seven games.


Feathers Up

Chad Durbin did pitch well tonight, and has in 5 of his last 6 games. With Justin Germano gone, the Indians now will have more places to use Durbin, and if he keeps pitching like this, he will deserve the increase in workload.

Speaking of underachieving players, Austin Kearns had two hits today, including a double, and now has hits in 4 of his last 5 games. It’s not much, but it may signify a bit of a turnaround. Kearns will need to play a lot better if he wants to stay on the team when Grady Sizemore comes back from injury. Right now it looks like Travis Buck may be the one who remains in Cleveland unless Austin can show something for himself.

Asdrubal Cabrera did this (Click on this, it’s “worth the price of admission alone”). This may be the greatest double play I’ve ever seen. Watch it. Over and over again. If you missed the game, don’t bother catching up, just watch this play. It’s the only good thing that happened all night.

Feathers Down

Here’s something that nobody mentioned tonight, not even once. It was really foggy, almost like ‘Dracula weather’ and Fausto Carmona has had trouble against the White Sox this year. Since this has been covered ad nauseum, I’ll just reinforce that Carmona has allowed 18 runs against the White Sox in only 8 innings pitched. For those who can’t figure out ERA, it equals not very good.

The Indians were out of the services of four players they usually have around and only one was replaced. Orlando Cabrera was in South Carolina becoming an American, Travis Hafner and Travis Buck were both scratched for injuries and Justin Germano was sent to AAA. Luis Valbuena was with the team, and could have filled in for Cabrera’s absence, but he wasn’t needed. In a game where the Indians lost by 6, Hafner and Cabrera’s bats could really have made a difference.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 2, Chicago White Sox 8

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