5/20 Game Recap

Player of the Game

Shin Soo Choo took home his fourth ‘Player of the Game’ of the season after knocking in a run by being hit by a pitch and scoring the winning run after hitting a long triple to left field. In his other two at bats, Choo struck out twice, but he still managed a ‘POG’ score of 2.82.


Feathers Up

This game was a reminder that in baseball, the team that plays the best wins. That doesn’t mean you have to play well, though. Sometimes the other team will play so terribly, that you can’t help but win. Tonight was one of those nights. The Indians played ugly baseball at its finest, giving up three errors and 2 unearned runs. Luckily the Reds were worse, having an error of their own and walking (or hitting) in two runs. The Reds defense also played Choo’s triple poorly, almost turning it into an inside-the-park home run.

Ezequiel Carrera was the hero tonight in his Major League debut, knocking in the game winning run on a drag bunt in his first career at bat. Carrera got his first career hit and RBI on the play and broke both of Joey Votto’s ankles doing a juke move more suited for Madden than MLB: The Show. With Carrera on the team the Indians now have two fast players (Carrera and Michael Brantley) and three players whose last names start with ‘Ca’ and end with ‘rera’.

It looked like Manny Acta may have lost it when he pinch hit Carrera for Shelley Duncan with the winning run on third, and he looked even crazier when he called for Carrera to bunt. At this point Manny might just be crazy. Crazy like a fox. Enjoy the cigar tonight, Manny, you deserve it.

Feathers Down

In the third inning Alex White hurt his pitching hand, but remained in the game to face a few more hitters. After the injury took place, White threw 24 consecutive fast balls (according to MLB Game Day) allowing three walks and an error to Matt LaPorta. While he was still getting his pitches up to the mid 90’s, it might have been a good idea to either throw a different pitch, or to tell Manny Acta that he had to come out. Baseball players tend to figure out what you’re doing when you throw the same pitch 24 times in a row.

Final Score: Indians end a two game losing streak and get a head start on the Battle of Ohio.

Cleveland Indians 5

Cincinnati Reds 4

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