5/8 Game Recap

Player of the Game

Today’s ‘Player of the Game’ should have also been the game winning pitcher, but the bullpen blew his lead in the 8th inning. Fausto Carmona pitched 7 innings, striking out 7 and didn’t allow a single earned run (all three Angels runs were unearned). This is Carmona’s third straight great start and his second in a row in which he has been named ‘Player of the Game’. Most impressively, after giving up 10 runs in the first game of the season, Fausto has been able to lower his ERA to a respectable 3.83. If his last 7 starts are any indicator, that number will continue to drop, until he gets back to where he wants to be. Fausto’s final ‘POG’ score was 6.30 helped by the fact that Adam Everett took credit for all three unearned runs, giving him a score of -4.03.


Feathers Up

Austin Kearns finally did something positive for the team, hitting an RBI single to give the early lead to the Indians. His defensive play was still lackluster, but at least he got a hit. Going into this game Kearns had less hits than anyone else who had played for the Tribe this year, including Travis Buck who has been in the minors for the last 17 games. He now has 7 hits on the season in 14 games played.

We K A Lot. Fausto Carmona struck out a season high 7 Angels today. That’s pretty good for an Indians starter other than Justin Masterson. Cleveland pitchers are predominantly ground ball artists, but Carmona had really good movement on his slider today and was able to fool a lot of Angels, especially early in the game, before they made his stop throwing dirty pitches. Don’t think the Angels were the only ones striking out, the Indians struck out 14 times as well. If you ask the Indians hitters, I’m sure they would say that Dan Haren is harder to hit off of than Jared Weaver.

The top of the lineup performed again today, with Grady Sizemore, Asdrubal Cabrera and Carlos Santana all having good games. Altogether the Tribe scored 5 runs, which should have been enough to win, since three of the Angels runs came off an error by Adam Everett. The Tribe definitely looked better the last two days on the road then they have all season away from home. Luckily for the Indians, the next two series are at home, so they have a chance to build up their Central Division lead again.


Feathers Down

The Tribe couldn’t keep Mike Scioscia from winning his 1,000 career game as manager of the Los Angeles Angels. It would have been nice to make him wait one more day before he could celebrate that particular landmark.

The Defense was kind of sloppy again today and the Tribe infield is especially starting to look inconsistant in that department. Along with Everett’s error, Fausto Carmona looked slow getting off the mound and if it weren’t for a bad call at first base, all those runs against Carmona would have been earned. Austin Kearns looked awkward in the outfield again as well, and for some reason was playing more shallow than anybody else in the league. Kearns is slow enough that he should be playing back to get any advantage he can in the field.


Final Score: Cleveland Indians 5, Los Angeles Angels 6

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