6/12 Game Recap: Indians 1 – Yankees 9

Player of the Game

Asdrubal Cabrera won his 9th ‘Player of the Game’ of the season for his 3 hit effort against the Yankees. While he was unable to score or knock anyone in, he had a double, 2 singles and 2 steals. Cabrera also made a nice jumping catch earning him a ‘POG’ score of 1.74.

Feathers Up

The Tribe stole 5 bases today taking advantage of Freddy Garcia’s slow delivery and Russell Martin’s recent injury. This shows that the Indians can still get on base and still move base-runners along, but are still having trouble scoring those runners.

Orlando Cabrera got his 2,000th hit just two games after hit 1,999. The hit was marred by the fact that it should have been called an error, but in an effort to save Derek Jeter’s fielding percentage, the official scorer called it a hit.

Josh Tomlin pitched much better than he will get credit for. The first run scored off only one hit and two fly outs and at least 4 of the 5 runs that scored in the 5th should have been unearned due to terrible plays by Matt LaPorta and Austin Kearns.

The Detroit Tigers lost to the Seattle Mariners 7 -3, graciously allowing the Indians one more day in first place.

Feathers Down

Indians hitters were called out on strikes 10 times in the last two games. The Indians may not all be veterans, but most of them are reknowned for how well they know the strike zone, especially Carlos Santana, Shin-Soo Choo and Michael Brantley. Either all the Indians hitters can’t tell a strike from a ball or there is something else going on when the Indians play in New York.

Austin Kearns cost the Indians 6 potential runs today. Twice Kearns got out with runners in scoring position and he made three poor defense plays during the Yankees 5 run 5th inning. First he allowed a double to Alex Rodriguez that should have been caught, allowing 2 runs, then two balls were hit to him that should have led to close plays at the plate, but with Kearns weak arm the runners easily scored. He was not alone playing poor defense as Matt LaPorta made two poor plays in that same inning that would have been called errors in any other park. Of course it doesn’t matter how many runs you give up when you score 1 run over 2 games.

Final Score: The Indians cannot get out of New York fast enough,

Cleveland Indians 1

New York Yankees 9

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