6/26 Game Recap: Indians 1 – Giants 3

Player of the Game

I guess Asdrubal Cabrera wins the ‘Player of the Game’ for getting two singles, an RBI and only striking out once, unlike Carlos Santana, Grady Sizemore, Shelley Duncan,  Adam Everett and Fausto Carmona who all struck out twice. Shelley Duncan being listed twice is not a typo, he struck out twice, twice. Cabrera scored a 1.70, it’s his 11th of the year, #sendAC2AZ and all that jazz. Hard to say someone is the player of the game when you get swept.

Feathers Up

The Indians gave up a few earned runs today instead of the unearned runs they have been giving up in the first two games of the series. The Indians still gave up two errors, but they didn’t lead to runs, so that is the only good thing that happened in today’s game.

Feathers Down

Fausto Carmona has been having major trouble pitching with runners on base lately and this may be partially due to his attitude. Every time Carmona gives up a hit, he reacts as emotionally as if he had just given up a no hitter. This has to take his concentration off the next hitter, and it has showed up in the box score with his batting average against being much worse when he pitches from the stretch than it is with no one on.

Giants pitching must have been cheating by throwing hologram balls that project an image of a strike, even though they are more than a foot out of the strike zone. How else can you explain the fact that Madison Bumgarner, a man who is such a bum he had his name changed to reflect the fact, struck out 11 Indians hitters, a career record. In his last game “the bum” pitched a total of 0.1 innings and allowed 8 runs on 9 hits. If it was just him I might believe that he is just really deceptive, but Jeremey Affeldt, a pitcher so bad the Royals gave up on him, struck out 5 of the 6 batters he faced.

Either the top brass (Chris Antonetti and Mark Shapiro) in the Indians organization have some incredible secrets or they are intentionally not putting the best team on the field that they can. The best explanation I can think of is they are forfeiting the chance of going to the playoffs this year in order to keep Lonnie Chisenhall, Jason Kipnis, Zach McAllister and others around for an extra year. Of course this doesn’t make the move to bring up Travis Buck instead of Ezequiel Carrera or to not bring up David Huff make any sense, so the best I can guess is that they are trying to lose. There is no reason for Adam Everett, Buck or some other unnamed players to be on this team with the versatility shown by Orlando Cabrera, Jack Hannahan and Cord Phelps.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 1 – San Francisco Giants 3

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