6/29 Game Recap: Indians 6 – Diamondbacks 2

Player of the Game

Orlando Cabrera took the ‘Player of the Game’ against the Diamondbacks today, going 4-6 with a double and 2 runs scored. Cabrera also knocked in a run for a final ‘POG’ score of 4.45. This was Cabrera’s 5th ‘Player of the Game’ of the season. Carlos Carrasco was a close second to Cabrera, earning 4.31 points for his 7 innings pitched. Over his last 5 starts Carrasco has averaged 6.73 points per game, more than twice his season average. On a completely uninteresting note, players whose last names start with “Ca” earned 45% of the total team score in today’s game.

The first pitch, Zach Duke against Michael Brantley.

Feathers Up

The Tribe had a lead at some point in every game this series and won two out of three. This is a far cry from what happened in San Francisco and may show the difference between the Giants and the Diamondbacks more than any improvements the Indians may have made over that time span.

The Indians were forced to use a very bad defensive outfield today due to the injury to Shin-Soo Choo and an off day for Grady Sizemore. Carlos Carrasco pitched well to avoid that disadvantage, only allowing 2 balls to be hit to right field and 2 to center in 7 innings. Of those 4 hits to the outfield, three were caught on the fly for outs and the other was a double, one of only 4 hits allowed by Carrasco.

The player who shall not be named was unable to hurt

the Tribe, due to Carrasco’s smart pitching.

Feathers Down

One of the other hits allowed by Carrasco today was a home run to right field by Stephen Drew that was higher than any other home run I’ve ever seen in person. It looked like the ball peaked just past the infield and it was coming straight down when it landed in the Indians bullpen. Luckily the 2 solo home runs he allowed were the only runs he allowed and the Indians were able to hold on and win.

Asdrubal Cabrera was caught stealing for the first time today, ruining his dream of the perfect season. 

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 6 – Arizona Diamondbacks 2

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