8/21 Game Recap: Indians 7 – Tigers 8

Player of the Game

Carlos Santana is your ‘Player of the Game’ for hitting a solo home run when the Indians were down by 7 that started a huge Indians rally. Santana later walked and scored another run, earning a final ‘POG’ score of 3.75. Ubaldo Jimenez hit a new personal low in his 4th game with the Tribe, scoring a -9.47 as he allowed 8 earned runs in 3.1 innings.

Feathers Up

Carlos Santana has finally started to turn things around, to the point where other teams now legitimately fear him as a power threat. During April, Santana hit .198 and slugged .395. It took a long time to even out those numbers, but Santana’s hot hitting of late has brought him up to a batting average of .242 and a slugging percent of .440. While these are by no means elite numbers, the do show a marked improvement on his early season performance. The Indians catcher/firstbaseman now has 19 home runs and 61 RBI, second to only Asdrubal Cabrera for best on the Indians.

Jim Leyland and Manny Acta showed they have extremely different managing styles today, as both were put in similar positions at times during today’s game. While Ubaldo Jimenez struggled through 3 innings, Manny let him try to work it out, probably leaving him in there too long as he stayed in until he gave up 8 runs. In the other dugout, Leyland pulled Tigers starter Rick Porcello after just 5 runs scored against him, even though he was lights out for the first couple innings. Later in the game, when Manny didn’t like a call at second, he came out to stand up for Asdrubal Cabrera, but didn’t argue and sat back down without a fight. A few innings after that a call went the Indians way as Lou Marson through out a runner at third on an attempted sac bunt. Leyland came out flaming and was tossed within seconds. This made it so he was unable to manage the last 3 innings of a one run ball game. One point goes to Leyland for pulling his pitcher before he blew up the whole game, but the second point goes to Manny for actually being able to see how the game ended.

Feathers Down

Travis Hafner more severely injured his right foot today as he was trying to run out a double late in the game. His foot had been bothering him, but not enough to miss time. With how badly he was limping it would be a surprise to see Pronk in the lineup tomorrow. To make it worse, Hafner was tagged out retreating to first after the injury.

Ubaldo Jimenez was brought in to beat the Tigers more than any other team, and he was destroyed by the Tigers worse than just about any Indians pitcher this season. With 6 games still to play against the Motor City Kitties, Ubaldo better figure something out. The only way the Indians can make the playoffs now is by beating Detroit.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 7 – Detroit Tigers 8

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