8/31 Game Recap: Athletics 3 – Indians 4

Player of the Game

Jack ‘Super Mannahan’ Hannahan won tonight’s ‘Player of the Game’ after almost winning it yesterday. Since one home run wasn’t enough yesterday, he hit two more today as well as the game winning single in the 16th inning. When the game was over, Hannahan added 3 more RBI and two more runs scored to his season totals. His final ‘POG’ score was 7.64, which is his best this season. Two of his best three games have come in the last two games, the other game being opening day. Frank Herrmann grabbed a close second in tonight’s race with a score of 5.77 for his 4 perfect innings pitched in relief. If it wasn’t for either of these two players, the Indians would not have won tonight.

Feathers Up

There’s no such thing as a lucky home run (unless you’re playing against Jose Canseco). Jack Hannahan has hit three over the last two nights, to bring his final line for August up to .420/.491/.660. These are rediculous numbers for anyone, especially a career AAAA defensive specialist like Jack Hannahan. Some of this improvement can be explained through luck, with balls falling in where they didn’t before, but that doesn’t explain his 3 home runs this month. Hannahan claims the improvement came from using a heavier bat, allowing him to stay back on the balls. I guess we won’t know for sure until the steroid test results for August come out.

Rosters expand tomorrow, so expect to see a lot of familiar faces return from AAA and maybe some new kids as well. This will help the Indians rest some players who have had to play everyday at high energy positions (Carlos Santana, Asdrubal Cabrera and Ezequiel Carrera) and should help the bull pen as well if Manny Acta allows any of the new players to pitch. Some of the call ups the first week in September could include Matt LaPorta, Travis Buck, Luis Valbuena, Grady Sizemore, Mitch Talbot, Carlos Carrasco, Zach McAlister, Nick Hagadone or Josh Judy.

Feathers Down

Lou Marson and his great arm had two terrible throws late in the game and overall allowed 4 stolen bases today in 4 attempts. If Matt LaPorta isn’t back with the Indians tomorrow (September call-ups) you can expect a lot more negative Lou Marson news.

Ubaldo Jimenez was like two different pitchers tonight. The problem is that the bad pitcher used up all his pitches, so when he changed into good Ubaldo he wasn’t able to pitch very long. Over the first 3.2 innings, Jimenez gave up all 6 hits he allowed as well as 3 runs and a couple steals that really weren’t Lou Marson’s fault. Over his last 2.1 innings Jimenez struck out 6 batters (out of 7 outs) and did not allow a baserunner to reach. It was extremely important that he came back and pitched well over those innings, as it kept the Tribe in the game, so they could eventually take it to extra innings.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 4 – Oakland Athletics 3

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