9/26 Game Recap: Indians 0 – Tigers 14

Player of the Game

The Indians total team score of -17.17 made this game the worst of the season for the Tribe and I don’t think anyone can really question that. With that in mind it is hard to give anyone a ‘Player of the Game’ award, so I will just mention the two players who came out of the game with a positive score. Matt LaPorta lead the team with a score of 0.72 for his 2 singles, while Jered Head had a single of his own for a score of 0.33 as a pinch hitter. It was a great effort by everyone on the team.

Feathers Up

We got to see Corey Kluber in his first extended action tonight as he went 2+ innings against the Central Division Champion Tigers. The first two innings went very well as he struck out 2 and didn’t allow a hit. His attempt at a third inning wasn’t so successful as he allowed hits to all four batters he faced and all scored without an out being recorded. Josh Judy allowed two of those runs when he gave up a home run to Delmon Young

Relax, tonight’s Indians team that got killed by the Tigers will not be the 2012 Cleveland Indians. Absent from the lineup today were a plethora of starters including Carlos Santana, Michael Brantley, Grady Sizemore and Shin-Soo Choo. While the bullpen mafia is still available in the pen, the relievers who pitched tonight have nothing to do with them. Josh Judy and Corey Kluber are both AAA caliber players that are just using up innings waiting for the season to end.

Feathers Down

Lou Marson tries to block the plate from behind it. Maybe he is actually trying to keep the player from going back to the dugout after they score. He did it once early in the game to day and has done it on multiple occasions in the past. Anyone who thinks Marson is defensively superior to Carlos Santana is lying to their self. The numbers have shown that as Marson has played more, his caught stealing percentage has decreased to a more normal .377. More noteably he has allowed 5 passed balls in 72 starts, more than Santana has in 87.

Every Indians pitcher allowed at least 4 runs tonight, so you’ll have that.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 0 – Detroit Tigers 14

Joseph Coblitz

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