9/4 Game Recap: Indians 9 – Royals 6

Player of the Game

Shelley Duncan demolished two baseballs today, sending them deep into the left field seats. This feat alone, along with the 5 RBI that came with it, won him today’s ‘Player of the Game’. Duncan earned a 10.17 for his 2 home runs, 3 RBI, 2 runs scored and a walk.

Feathers Up

The offense woke up again, just in time as just about every game the Indians play for now will be the most important game of the season. If the Indians lose even one game to Detroit, it will be extremely hard for them to make the playoffs. A bonus feathers up, the Indians game was over before 4:00 pm eastern and the Tigers don’t even get to start their game until 8:00 pm in Chicago. Hopefully this, along with the projected starters of Ubaldo Jimenez, Fausto Carmona and Justin Masterson will give the Indians a small advantage over the Motor City Kitties.

Jeanmar Gomez pitched admirably today, making it until the 4th inning before he allowed his first, and only, run of the night. Gomez has been up and down all season, both literally (up from Columbus and back down) and statistically, but he has pitched well in both starts since his latest return from the minors, earning a win in each game.

There was some good news today about Grady Sizemore and it seems he may be able to join the team as soon as tomorrow’s game against Detroit. As far as I’m aware, Jason Kipnis is also planning on returning for that game which means the Indians could field an almost completely different team than they have been the last couple weeks. If Hannahan goes on the DL and Matt LaPorta is recalled (more on that later) they would have new players at first, second, third, catcher and center field. This is a really good thing as it is going to be tough to beat the Tigers anyway, but will be almost impossible while starting Jason Donald and Jared Head.

Feathers Down

Jack Hannahan went down with a calf injury after hitting a single in the third inning. What more can you expect from an Indians team with only 2 starting hitters (Asdrubal Cabrera and Carlos Santana) who haven’t been on the DL this season? Hopefully his injury will not lead to him going on the DL, which would basically end his season, but will lead to the return of Matt LaPorta, since Hannahan was considered the only back up first baseman. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of Lonnie Chisenhall at third base, so if this is a serious injury, it wouldn’t be that terrible of a thing.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 9 – Kansas City Royals 6

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