Game Recap 4/13

Shin-Soo Choo barely edged out Michael Brantley to win his first 'Player of the Game' award of 2011. Choo had 2 RBI, a single, 2 steals and a walk earning a 'Player of the Game' score of 3.53. Brantley had 2 singles, a double and 1 RBI for a score of 3.25. As a group, the pitchers outdid the hitters again, all but one of whom scored a 'POG' score of over 1.00. Carlos Carrasco and Tony Sipp each scored over two. The only negative pitcher was also the lowest scorer of the game. Chad Durbin lost the game to the Angels in extra innings and earned a 'POG' score of -2.21. The final team 'POG' score was 12.36 in the loss to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Final: Cleveland Indians 3, LAA of A 4

Feathers Up

Michael Brantley had a great day at the plate. He doubled in a run to bring the Tribe within 1 run in  the 5th and he singled in the 8th with no-body out to keep the inning alive in which the Tribe tied the game at 3.

Shin-Soo Choo had 2 RBI, both on sacrifice outs.

Feathers Down

Numerous base-running mistakes by the Tribe really hurt them. Adam Everett was caught in a meaningless pickle between 3rd and home. Choo was caught trying to swipe 3rd base on a hit and run. Asdrubal Cabrera was caught halfway between throwing the ball and holding on to it, and let the ball slip away.

Joe A. Coblitz better return from New Mexico, the Indians have lost 2 in a row since he left. What a loser.

Mike Melaragno

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