Game Recap 4/29

Player of the Game

Carlos Santana walked off with the ‘Player of the Game award tonight, by knocking in three runs more than necessary to win the game in the bottom of the ninth. After a rather uneventful first three at bats, Carlos smashed a grand salami into deep right field, knocking in Adam Everett, Grady Sizemore and Asdrubal Cabrera to give Chris Perez his first win of the season. Santana ended the game with a ‘POG’ score of 6.90. Asdrubal Cabrera was winning prior to the last hit and ended the game with a score of 6.44.

Feathers Up

The Tribe played the role of the comeback kids tonight, after being down 3-0 then 5-2, the Indians were able to come back to tie 5-5 in the 7th and win it with 4 more in the 9th.

Early in the game the Tigers had a chance to increase their 2-0 lead with runners on first and third, one out and the infield back. Jack Hannahan got a sharp grounder at third and threw out the runner going home to save a run. The best part about this was they kept the runner on first from getting to third, thus preventing another possible run. The Tigers didn’t score in that inning. Hannahan really has been the most consistently good fielder in the Tribe’s infield.

Tomorrow we get to see Alex White pitch for the first time in his Major League career. This is really exciting as White is the first Indians draft pick to make the team since the Indians changed their drafting strategy a few years ago.

Feathers Down

Chad Durbin pitched. All Durbin did was walk the first batter he saw, then, after getting out of the 6th, allowed the first two runners to get on base in the 7th, both of which scored off of Joe Smith. I propose a rule that says Chad Durbin can’t pitch unless there is at least a 5 run differential. There are too many really good relief pitchers on this team to be using the one guy who can’t get people out.

The defense was kind of sloppy tonight, even though the team made quite a few spectacular plays. Matt LaPorta and Asdrubal Cabrera each had errors and Hannahan tipped a ball that Asdrubal then bobbled that could have been another out. On Asdrubal’s error, if he would have just thrown to first, instead of trying to tag second (the runner had already reached the base), he would have certainly made the play.

All for one and one for all. When one Indians hitters does something, they all try to do it. Two days ago, everyone in the lineup got a hit. Yesterday,  4 guys hit home runs and today every hitter except Shelley Duncan struck out. I would like to congratulate Shelley here. Good job getting two singles, knocking in two runs and never swinging and missing at three consecutive pitches.

Final Score: The first place Cleveland Indians win 4 in a row.

Cleveland Indians 9

Detroit Tigers 5

Joseph Coblitz

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