Game Recap 4/7

Player of the Game

Fausto Carmona now has the highest and the lowest ‘Player of the Game’ score this season. Carmona scored a 7.40 against the Red Sox by pitching 7 innings of shut-out, 2 hit baseball. Fausto didn’t get the win however, because the Indians couldn’t score until the bottom of the 8th. The second and third best players today were a pair of Perez’s. Rafael scored 2.77 ‘Player of the Game’ points and Chris scored 1.66. Rafael pitched an inning and earned the win, Chris pitched an inning and earned a one run save. The final team ‘POG’ score was 13.91, which is about the lowest team score possible in a win. Indians show that all that matters in the end is the ‘W.’ Indians 1, Red Sox 0.

The Indians Sweep!

Feathers Up

 Winning! The Indians have now won four games in a row after losing the first two, most recently sweeping the Boston Red Sox, sending them to 0-6.

Indians pitching has now allowed only 6 runs in the last four games. Fausto Carmona had a great comeback game after losing his first game of the season. He pitched 7 innings, only allowing two hits and no runs.

The defense was spectacular yet again as Rafael Perez, Matt LaPorta, Orlando Cabrera and Adam Everett all had plays worth noting. I think the fans at the game today are still laughing at Darnell McDonald for the play that ended the game. It was especially important today as well, since the offense had such a hard time scoring runs.

Asdrubal Cabrera’s squeeze play in the bottom of the 8th was probably the most exciting play for the Tribe this season. With one out and Everett on third and running home, Cabrera was able to bunt a pitch that was about a foot outside and keep it fair down the third baseline for what turned out to be the winning run. A truly amazing play.

Feathers Down

Another player who was asked to bunt earlier in the game did not fair so well. With Shelley Duncan on second after hitting a double, Austin Kearns popped out to the catcher, trying to sacrifice him to third. This was a mistake by either Kearns for not coming through or by Manny Acta for trusting Kearns (*Edit: Postgame, Kearns said he was bunting on his own). This along with other missed opportunities, like Asdrubal Cabrera striking out with a runner in scoring position early in the game, almost lost the game for the Tribe.

Final score: Indians 1 run on three hits (and a squeeze), Red Sox 0 runs on 4 hits.

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