8/12 Game Recap: Twins 2 – Indians 3

Player of the Game Justin Masterson shut down the Twins offense for tonight’s ‘Player of the Game’, only allowing 2 earned runs in 7.2 IP. He has now won 11 awards in his 26 games played, making him the most important player in every game he plays. Masterson struck out 4 and only allowed 5 […]

8/11 Game Recap: Tigers 4 – Indians 3

Player of the Game Carlos Santana‘s solo home run was enough to earn him tonight’s ‘Player of the Game’ as the only other runs scored on Asdrubal Cabrera’s double. This hit earned Santana a ‘POG’ score of 2.95, while Cabrera only earned 2.79 points. Offensively, that was about it for the Tribe, although all three […]

8/10 Game Recap: Tigers 3 – Indians 10

Player of the Game Jason Kipnis had one of the best games this season by an Indians hitter as he went 5-5 with 3 RBI and 4 runs scored. Two of his hits went for extra bases as well. Kipnis scored 10.23 ‘Player of the Game’ points for the game and has quickly become the […]

8/9 Game Recap: Tigers 2 – Indians 3

Player of the Game The ‘Player of the Game’ tonight was Asdrubal Cabrera for scoring the winning run in the 14th inning. Cabrera also knocked in the first run of the game and scored the second in the 1st inning, if anyone can remember when that happened. His final score for his team leading 14th […]

8/7 Game Recap: Indians 3 – Rangers 5

Player of the Game Josh Tomlin takes the cake tonight, with a ‘Player of the Game’ score of 5.78 that should have been higher. Tomlin pitched into the 8th without allowing any runs, but had a win taken away from him and 2 runs added to his season total when Joe Smith imploded. Smith not […]

8/6 Game Recap: Indians 7 – Rangers 5

Player of the Game Jason Kipnis won his third ‘Player of the Game’ with his 5th Major League home run. When Kipnis hit the home run it looked like it wouldn’t matter, but when the Rangers scored a run in the 9th and had two others on base, it was obvious how important it really […]

8/5 Game Recap: Indians 7 – Rangers 8

Player of the Game Carlos Santana makes it two in a row, beating his previous ‘Player of the Game’ score with an 8.51 due to 5 RBI coming off a 3 run home run and a 2 run double. The Indians should have been able to win this one on the strength of Santana and […]

8/4 Game Recap: Indians 7 – Red Sox 3

Player of the Game Carlos Santana atoned for last night’s poor performance by offensively leading the Indians to victory. He earned a ‘Player of the Game’ score of 7.34 with 2 singles, a walk and a home run, scoring twice and knocking in 3. Last night Santana had a score of -0.51 as he struck […]

8/3 Game Recap: Indians 3 – Red Sox 4

Player of the Game Jason Kipnis won the ‘Player of the Game’ tonight against the Sox for being the only player who could figure out the knuckle-ball. Kipnis hit his 4th career home run and walked twice against Boston pitching and earned a ‘POG’ score of 3.45. Ezequiel Carrera, Travis Hafner and Carlos Carrasco all […]

8/2 Game Recap: Indians 2 – Red Sox 3

Player of the Game David Huff won tonight’s ‘Player of the Game’ to keep his streak for the season going. So far, he has won the award in every single game he has pitched in (3) this season. Huff has still only allowed a single earned run on the season, although the first run of […]

8/1 Game Recap: Indians 9 – Red Sox 6

Player of the Game Asdrubal Cabrera took two deep tonight winning him his 13th ‘Player of the Game’ of the season. While he has been the Indians best player by far so far this season, he wasn’t all that special in July, as he was never the best player in a game during that month. […]

Game Recap 7/31: Royals 5 – Indians 3

Player of the Game With his first career home run, Jason Kipnis won his first “Player of the Game” award of the year with a score of 2.81. Carlos Santana took second place today with a score of 2.14, which included a single and a triple. Feathers Up Asdrubal Cabrera continued to be a human […]

Game Recap 7/30: Royals 2 – Indians 5

Player of the Game In dramatic fashion, Hero Matt LaPorta took tonight’s “Player of the Game” honors. He did it with his walk-off three-run homer in the bottom of the 9th inning. The home run, along with a double and great offensive play earlier in the game, gave LaPorta a PoG score of 6.11. Justin […]

Game Recap 7/29: Royals 12 – Indians 0

Player of the Game Pitching 2.2 innings allowing just one run to score, Chad Durbin won his 3rd “Player of the Game” award of the season. This is the least amount of points any player has needed all season to win. On a side note, Carlos Carrasco recorded the lowest “Player of the Game” score (-10.35) […]

7/27 Game Recap: Angels 3 – Indians 1

Player of the Game David Huff earned today’s ‘Player of the Game’ with a score of 2.61 after pitching 5.2 innings only allowing 5 hits and one earned run. This marks his second award in as many starts and the 4th consecutive day the starting pitcher has won the ‘Player of the Game’. Seven of […]