7/26 Game Recap: Angels 2 – Indians 1

Player of the Game With a Player of the Game score of 4.46, Josh Tomlin won his 7th “PoG” Award of the season. His 7th “PoG” ties him for third on the team for the year. Tomlin pitched 8 innings with 2 runs allowed on 4 hits in his loss to the Angels. Matt LaPorta, with […]

7/25 Game Recap: Angels 2 – Indians 3

Player of the Game Fausto Carmona won his first ‘Player of the Game’ award since May 8th for his performance in tonight’s game. Carmona earned 5.06 ‘POG’ points by pitching 6 scoreless innings, only allowing 4 hits and striking out 3. This marks three positive outings in a row for Carmona who seems to be […]

7/24 Game Recap: White Sox 4 – Indians 2

Player of the Game Justin Masterson took the loss and the ‘Player of the Game’ today as somehow he only allowed one earned run, but lost 4-2. Masterson pitched 7 innings and only allowed 4 hits while striking out 6. He was even able to get out of the base runners he allowed out by […]

7/22 Game Recap: White Sox 3 – Indians 0

Player of the Game With an amazing score of 1.27, Joe Smith was tonight’s Player of the Game. Smith pitched one scoreless inning with a strikeout, earning him his second “Player of the Game” award this season. With a single and a double, Lonnie Chisenhall was a close second with a score of 0.93. Feathers […]

7/20 Game Recap: Indians 5 – Twins 7

Player of the Game Lonnie Chisenhall takes home his first career ‘Player of the Game’ for a meaningless home run hit while down 3 in the 9th inning. The Chiz Kid also hit a single earlier in the game making this only his 3rd multi-hit game of the season. The home run was the second […]

7/19 Game Recap: Indians 1 – Twins 2

Player of the Game With 6 strikeouts and only 4 hits allowed during his 7.2 innings pitched, Justin Masterson dominated the Twins tonight. The biggest trouble Masterson had during the night was caused by an error on a ground ball, followed by a seeing-eye single. This threat was handled with ease with a strike out […]

7/18 Game 2 Recap: Indians 6 – Twins 3

Roster Update: It was Jeanmar Gomez who was removed from the roster for the return of Fausto Carmona, which means David Huff will remain in the Indians starting rotation. The Tribe now has the normal 5 man rotation and 5 man bench. Player of the Game Lou Marson showed up on offense and won his […]

7/18 Game 1 Recap: Indians 5 – Twins 2

Player of the Game In his first game this season, David Huff earned his first win since May 29th, 2010 and this game’s ‘Player of the Game’ award. Huff pitched 7 innings allowing no earned runs, 5 hits and only two walks while striking out 5. Huff earned 8.07 ‘POG’ points in the win with […]

7/17 Game Recap: Indians 3 – Orioles 8

Player of the Game Jeanmar Gomez did not win today’s ‘Player of the Game’ with a score of -4.51. It is not his first of the season after allowing 5 runs in 5.1 innings and taking a loss. In fact, Carlos Santana won the ‘Player of the Game’ with his mammoth solo home run in […]

7/16 Game Recap: Indians 5 – Orioles 6

Player of the Game Today’s player of the game was Orlando Cabrera. Cabrera stole the award from Brantley with his bases clearing double in the 9th inning, giving him a “POG” score of 4.06. This was Cabrera’s sixth “POG” this year, tying him for 5th among active players on the team. Feathers Up After a […]

7/15 Game Recap: Indians 6 – Orioles 5

Player of the Game Grady Sizemore won tonight’s player of the game after accounting for 3 of the 6 Indians runs in what ended up being a one run game. Grady hit a double and home run, scoring twice and knocking two in. For those who think the math is wrong a 2 run home […]

7/14 Game Recap: Indians 8 – Orioles 4

Player of the Game Carlos Santana hit a home run, a double and knocked in 3 to win tonight’s ‘Player of the Game’ with a score of 6.01. This marks the first time that Justin Masterson didn’t win this award in his last 4 starts. It is just Santana’s third ‘Player of the Game’ of […]

Indians All-Star Game Recap

Player of the Game This will be the only game of the season that the ‘Player of the Game’ is not an Indian. Try as hard as they could, neither Tribe representative was able to make a big enough difference in the outcome of the game. This is also the only game of the season […]

7/10 Game Recap: Blue Jays 7 – Indians 1

Austin Kearns is being removed from my black list, because he has a positive ‘POG’ score in his last 7 games and because I’m ending all running bits before the All-Star break. If you aren’t a regular reader of my post games, you probably don’t have any clue what I’m talking about. Of course you […]

7/9 Game Recap: Blue Jays 5 – Indians 4

Player of the Game Tonight’s ‘Player of the Game’ belongs to Grady Sizemore for doing almost enough for the Indians to win. Grady hit the huge 2 run home run early in the game to tie the game at 3, but was unable to come through in the 9th inning with a runner on second. […]