Game Recap: 5-16

Player of the Game
Matt LaPorta took home his fourth ‘Player of the Game’ award of 2011 in a game that saw 14 Indians earn ‘POG’ scores of over 1.00. LaPorta ended the game with a score of 8.45 on the strength of four hits and a walk. He also knocked in 4 and scored twice. Michael Brantley came in a close second to LaPorta with a final score of 8.20. Brantley also knocked in 4 runs. The final team ‘POG’ score for the Indians was 55.63 their highest of the season, dwarfing by far the previous high of 36.31 from the Indians previous high in runs against Seattle on April 8th.


Feathers Up

How many feathers does Chief Wahoo have? You sayin’ the Tribe was playing in Kansas City and not the Bronx tonight?

The Indians offense exploded tonight against the Royals pitching staff; namely Vin Mazzaro, who was supposed to be tomorrow night’s starter.

All but three members of the starting lineup had a multi-hit game and everybody from starting lineup had at least one hit. Matt Laporta led the charge with four hits on the night including four RBI’s

Orlando Cabrera probably had, if there was one, the biggest hit of the game. In the first inning, the Tribe had starter Kyle Davies on the ropes. He had thrown 21 pitches in which only 6 of those were strikes. With the bases loaded and one out, new pitcher Nate Adcock struck Travis Hafner out. With an 0-2 count, Cabrera singled to right field to score two runs… not allowing the Royals off the hook.

The Indians scored 19 runs on the night and only hit one homerun…

Who says Michael Brantley is just a slap hitter? He hit a line-drive, three-run homerun in the fourth inning to put the Tribe on top 13-0 at that point… It is his third homerun of the season. He, along with Laporta, also drove in four runs on the night.

Travis Hafner and Cabrera each had three RBI’s. Those RBI’s gave Cabrera 21 for the year and currently puts him 2nd on the team behind Asdrubal Cabrera.

Lost in the offensive explosion, Josh Tomlin and the Tribe bullpen only gave up one run on five hits. What’s impressive is that after two games off and long innings when the offense was busy scoring a ton of runs, the pitching staff was solid.


Feathers Down

After both rainouts this past weekend, I only got to see Eric Wedge’s epic mustache once… and I am still ticked off about that.


Final Score: Cleveland Indians 19, Kansas City Royals 1

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