2012 All Star Game: National League 8 – American League 0

National League Player of the Game

Melky Cabrera was the National League Player of the Game, and therefore, Burning River Baseball’s All Star MVP. Cabrera’s score of 5.63 included a single, a home run, 2 runs scored, and 2 RBI. Close behind him with a score of 5.36 was Pablo Sandoval, who hit a 3-run triple in the first inning.

American League Player of the Game

With a score of -7.49, Justin Verlander was not the American League Player of the Game. The American League’s performance was pretty pathetic tonight as they could not score a single run. Oakland pitcher, Ryan Cook, won the AL PoG with a score of 1.50 after pitching an inning and striking out 2.

Game Recap

Justin Verlander started for the American League tonight, and National League batters came out hitting. In the first inning, Verlander allowed a single to Melky Cabrera, a double to Ryan Braun, a triple to Pablo Sandoval, a single to Dan Uggla, and a couple walks. Verlander faced all 9 National League starters and gave up 5 runs in his lone inning pitched.

The National League added 3 more runs in the 4rd inning when Ranger’s pitcher, Matt Harrison, gave up a triple to Rafael Furcal, a single to Matt Holliday, a home run to Melky Cabrera, and a triple to Ryan Braun. In the first 4 innings, American League pitchers surrendered 8 runs on 8 hits, including 3 triples and a home run.

After the 4th inning, the bats settled down for the NL and refused to heat up for the AL. It looks like the National League will have home field advantage in the World Series.

Asdrubal Cabrera

Asdrubal Cabrera entered the game in the 5th inning when he pinch hit for Derek Jeter. Cabrera approached the plate with 2 on and drew a 2-out walk to load the bases. The next batter, Ian Kinsler, flew out to end the inning, stranding Asdrubal on first. Cabrera struck out in his second and last at bat, but was allowed to stay in the game as the third string short stop, Elvis Andrus, was used at third base.

Chris Perez

It’s a sad day, as 2-time All Star Chris Perez did not appear in the game today. Perez was slated to come in for mid-inning relief if it was needed, but after Harrison pitched the American League didn’t have any more issues.

Final Score: National League 8 – American League 0