5/11 Game Recap: Indians 5 – Red Sox 7

Player of the Game

Carlos Santana was one of the only bright spots in this game and he won the Player of the Game for it. He was on base in four of his five at bats and knocked in two runs with a single and a safe-on-error. He also picked off a runner at second on a missed bunt attempt and scored a run after moving up on defensive indifference. An all around good game by the Indians star catcher for a final score of 4.38.

The only two players who have currently hurt the team more than they have helped, Tony Sipp and Dan Wheeler, each had positive games, moving them back towards the right direction. The -7.06 earned by Ubaldo Jimenez was by far his worst score of the year and came just one game after his best game of the season.

Feathers Up

The Indians certainly had a lot of chances to come back in this game. If I write anymore I’ll have to put this in the Feathers Down section too.

Feathers Down

Derryl Cousins made an awful call in the 4th inning that was so bad it needs to be mentioned. Adrian Gonzalez hit a ground ball down the third base line that Jack Hannahan was about to pick up when a fan grabbed it. Gonzalez had stopped running at first and started to turn back towards first until he saw the fan pick up the ball. He then walked to second where the umpiring crew incorrectly allowed him to stay. Apparently they aren’t very familiar with the rules of baseball. A single doesn’t become a ground rule double just because a fan touches a ball. Gonzalez wasn’t even trying to go to second and they just gave it to him. This is the kind unfair umpiring that playing for New York or Boston will buy you.

Ubaldo Jimenez went from bad to worse to not quite as bad. Although he improved as the game went on, his overall output was far below what was expected of him. It looks like the changes he made against Texas didn’t stick. Jimenez walked 5, hit one and allowed 8 hits including 4 doubles. After all that it’s pretty impressive that he only gave up 6 runs (his 7th run actually was knocked in against Dan Wheeler aka Chad Durbin 2012).

One RISPLOB for Jack Hannahan two for Travis Hafner and Casey Kotchman, three for Shin-Soo Choo and Johnny Damon and four for Michael Brantley.

Two things are certain when playing against the American League East. The umpiring will be biased and the game will be an hour longer than it needs to be. Will this extra hour be filled with great baseball? No. It will be filled with wasted time between pitches and unnecessary pitching changes.

Play of the Game

Travis Hafner walked with the bases loaded in the 7th inning to knock in the first of three Indians runs scored that inning.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 5 – Boston Red Sox 7

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