5/20 Game Recap: Marlins 5 – Indians 3

Player of the Game

Jose Lopez has done a superb job filling in for injured third baseman, Jack Hannahan. His efforts today won him Player of the Game honors. He was 3-4 today with a single and two doubles and drove in 2 of the 3 Indians runs. His score of 3.97 gives him his 3rd Player of the Game of the season.

Feathers Up

Shin-Soo Choo and Michael Brantley put themselves in scoring position after reaching on a walk and a single, respectively. They each had a stolen base in hopes of jump starting the offense for the Tribe. Choo was abandoned at second base at the end of the 1st inning, but Brantley scored in the 5th after a Jose Lopez single.

Derek Lowe pitched well enough to get the win, but did not get the run support he needed to do so. Lowe pitched 6 innings, giving up just 2 runs. Derek Lowe continues to be a reliable asset to the Indians starting rotation.

Pure Rage Chris Perez displayed his rage in an interview after yesterday’s game, and again with the press this morning. To sum it all up, Perez is sick of being booed at home, would like more support from Indians fans, and does not understand the negative vibe that is Cleveland. He stated that this is a first place team and fans should be showing up to games, instead of sulking and assuming it will not last. Perez makes some good points. The Tribe’s attendance this season has been pathetic and fans should support their players, not expect the worst outcomes. Hopefully this clicks with those in the Cleveland area and more people will make it down to the ballpark to support their local team.

Feathers Down

Johnny Damon looks ridiculous sometimes, attempting to play left field. For those of you who saw the game, you know just what I am talking about. In the 8th inning with 2 runners on, a ball was hit over Damon’s head, but was very catchable. As Damon approached the wall, he decided it was a better idea to go face first into the wall than to try to catch the ball.  This was ruled as a double with an earned run and more runs followed.

The game was within a run until the 8th inning. Nick Hagadone started the inning giving up a lead off double. He was removed from the game immediately after, giving way to Jeremy Accardo. Accardo gave up 3 runs (one of which was Hagadone’s), giving the Marlins a 5-1 advantage with only 2 innings left for the Indians to try to come back.

The Indians were unable to win this series against the Miami Marlins. They have a day off tomorrow before beginning an important series against the 3rd place Detroit Tigers. The day off should help the Tribe, in hopes that they will come back on Tuesday swinging the bats and producing runs.

Play of the Game

Johnny Damon misplays a ball in left field, opening the game up for the Marlins.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 3 – Miami Marlins 5