6/22 Game Recap: Indians 2 – Astros 0

Roster Update: Beau Mills was traded for cash (also known as sold) to the Cincinnati Reds just after the Reds left town. As far as I know the Tribe isn’t particularly strapped for cash, so I’m assuming the reason they made this room was to clear up the gluttany of great firstbasemen in the Minor League system. Why else would the Indians get rid of a first round draft pick right when he was just about ready to make the jump to the Majors. It must have been to make sure there was room on the roster in Columbus for Matt LaPorta.

Player of the Game

Ubaldo Jimenez was very impressive in Houston as he took home his 4th Player of the Game award of the season. Jimenez pitched 6.2 innings and struck out 8 while only allowing 4 hits. Ubaldo did strike out twice while he was at the plate, but it didn’t matter as he was able to keep the Astros from scoring all night. This was the third game in a row the award was won by the starting pitcher.

Feathers Up

It took him awhile, but Ubaldo Jimenez found his strike out pitch and didn’t lose it again. After not striking out a batter through the first two innings, he struck out 8 over the next 4.2 innings. Ubaldo also walked two batters during the first inning and was able to get back in control and only walk two more during the rest of the game. Jimenez has been fairly decent in three of his last four games.

Playing in the Central Time Zone has it’s advantages. Before the Indians game was over both the White Sox and Tigers finals were in and with a Tribe win the Indians move to 1.5 games ahead of Chicago and 3.5 games ahead of Detroit. The win brings the Indians current streak to four games.

Feathers Down

National League rules brought about the end of a beautiful pitching match up as the Astros pinch hit for Lucas Harrell in the 7th inning, even though he had only allowed two hits. I can’t comprehend someone who would rather see an inferior pitcher come in for the starter and an inferior hitter (the pitcher) bat during the entire game. Ubaldo Jimenez was also removed while still throwing a shutout, but that probably had more to do with a lack of trust from management rather than the double switch that occurred when he was removed.

Play of the Game

Shin-Soo Choo lead off the game with a triple hit the foul line on the left field wall. He later scored the only run that crossed the plate during the first 8 innings.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 2 – Houston Astros 0

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