7/27 Game Recap: Indians 0 – Twins 11

Player of the Game

Cody Allen pitched the best game of his young career as he threw two innings and only allowed two baserunners. He was even able to get one of those runners out on the bases with a double play as he was the only Indians pitcher to keep the Twins from scoring. His game score of 1.78 gives him an average Player of the Game score of 1.29 for the season, the best of any Indians reliever.

Feathers Up

Options: Chris Seddon, David Huff, Jeanmar Gomez, Corey Kluber and Eric Berger. If Josh Tomlin makes one more start it will be too many.

Travis Hafner broke up Scott Diamond‘s perfect game with two outs in the fifth with an opposite field single. This should actually be a feathers down as Scott Diamond was throwing a perfect game through 5.2 innings, but I worded it differently. Hafner also had the Indians third hit, an infield single off that hit Diamond.

In this topsy turvy world the Cleveland Indians have the ability to make Scott Diamond look like Justin Verlander and Justin Verlander look like Dustin Diamond.

Indians.com posted a story during the game that says the Indians are one of four teams in the running to pick up Padres third baseman Chase Headley. Usually if a story makes it all the way to the official website it carries a little more weight than if it is posted on a site like this one. Headley would immediately make the Tribe a much better team offensively and could even take over the clean-up spot from Michael Brantley. He is considered one of the top available offensive players in the trade market.

Feathers Down

There are only two players you really have to worry about on the Twins offense and Tomlin let each of them beat him in the first inning. Joe Mauer hit a single and Justin Morneau hit a three run home run. Later in the game he let the rest of the Twins terrible offense beat up on him making it irrelevent what Mauer and Morneau did.

Play of the Game

Jeremy Accardo snagged a line drive off the bat of Jamey Carrol in the 5th inning for an inning ending double play.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 0 – Minnesota Twins 11

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