8/1 Game Recap: White Sox 11 – Indians 0

Player of the Game

Despite taking the loss, Corey Kluber wins the Player of the Game in his last start of 2012. Kluber threw 5.2 innings and struck out 6. He allowed four runs (two were given up by Joe Smith), but was almost perfect going into the sixth. His score from the game was 1.26, not quite good enough to get him positive for the season as he will end with a total season score of -2.0.

Feathers Up

Both starters pitched extremely well with just 3 runners stranded and no runs scored through the 5th inning. Each pitcher retired one base runner via double play, while the three that remained on base at the end of an inning were all from singles.

Lonnie Chisenhall‘s glove work has always been the number one complaint against him, but he has been flashing some serious leather as of late. He had a great bare handed throw early in this game and although he was credited with an error, it was on a tough play that brought Matt LaPorta off the bag.

Feathers Down

Carlos Santana gave up a couple extra bases today, whiffing on a high pitch to give up a passed ball and making a poor throw to second on a steal in the sixth inning. While the passed ball didn’t hurt, the stolen base lead to a two out run for the White Sox. Don’t be too hard on Santana however, catchers are not supposed to have to play more than 140 games in a season and he has already done that, two seasons in a row. Santana gave up another passed ball in the 9th during the White Sox rally.

After a great start by Kluber, the usually dependable bullpen was a let down tonight. Smith allowed both of the runners Kluber had left on base when he exited to score before recording an out. Later, Cody Allen was unable to get through the 8th inning after giving up yet another two out run. Esmil Rogers also struggled, giving up two runs and two more baserunners without getting a single out in the ninth. His replacement, Scott Maine, was so bad he deserves a separate segment.

If there is one player who has set his fate with the Indians in concrete as far as 2013 goes, it is Maine. In just nine games he has allowed 6 inherited runners to score in addition to the seven of his own runs allowed to score. Tonight he gave up a grand slam after just getting a single out, placing an already tough game into the blow out category.

I hope everyone really likes strike outs. Twenty total batters struck out today, eleven Indians and nine White Sox. Hector Santiago struck out 10 himself, a huge change from his last start against the Tribe, while Kluber lead all Indians pitchers, striking out six. Four hitters struck out at least twice with the Silver Sombrero going to Lonnie Chisenhall with a perfect 0-3 with three K’s.

Although it was not official at the end of the Indians game, it looks fairly certain that the Detroit Tigers are going to clinch the Central Division title tonight. Let’s wish all the worst for the Tigers as they will represent the Central in the Playoffs.

Play of the Game

This great barehanded throw by Lonnie Chisenhall. Could this be one of the Indians top ten plays that I will be posting within the coming weeks? In the sake of ending the non existent suspense I will tell you now, no.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 0 – Chicago White Sox 11

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