8/12 Game Recap: Red Sox 14 – Indians 1

Rehab Update: Jason Kipnis continues to sit out with neck pain. He is slated to return on Tuesday against the Angels. Roberto Hernandez had an outstanding “rehab” start Friday night and has served his 3 week suspension. He is scheduled to start Wednesday. No moves have been announced yet, but Josh Tomlin, Frank Herrmann, Corey Kluber, and Chris Seddon have the next 4 days to prove that they belong on the team. Rafael Perez pitched one inning of relief for the Clippers last night. He walked one batter and did not allow a hit.

Player of the Game

Carlos Santana appears to be the Player of the Game with a single, sacrifice fly, walk, and and RBI. His measly score of 1.76 wins him his 11th award of the season.

Feathers Up

Manny Acta decided to get a little bit crazy in the 6th inning with the Indians trailing by 13 runs. He utilized the opportunity to give Shin-Soo Choo a partial day off and moved Shelley Duncan to right field. He then thought he would just throw Carlos Santana into left field from first base, why not?

Feathers Down

Corey Kluber has made 3 starts for the Indians this season, and 2 of those have been pretty bad. He gave up 6 runs today and pitched just 3.1 innings. Kluber gave up 7 hits, including a home run and 3 doubles. With Former Fausto ready to come back, we will see what happens to Kluber.

Josh Tomlin also is not impressing to stay on the team. He came on for long relief of Kluber in the 4th inning. He was able to get out of the 4th, but the 5th inning proved to be disastrous. Tomlin gave up 5 hits and 6 runs in the 5th before he was replaced by Frank Herrmann.

Frank Herrmann is going to make the decision hard for who to send down when Roberto Hernandez joins the team on Wednesday. Herrmann came on in the 5th with 2 outs, so he just had to get one out, which proved to be difficult. Herrmann allowed an inherited runner to score walked 2, and gave up a double and a run of his own. Thirteen Boston batters came to the plate in the 5th and Indians pitchers combined for about 60 pitches in the one inning alone.

Even though the pitching made it nearly impossible to win today, the offense struggled to make contact. Indian batters struck out 14 times, making Boston pitching feel really good about themselves.

Play of the Game

Carlos Santana makes a routine catch in left field.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 1 – Boston Red Sox 14