8/14 Game Recap: Indians 6 – Angels 9

Roster Update

Josh Tomlin was placed on the disabled list today with right elbow inflammation. In his place, Roberto Hernandez will be called up for tomorrow’s start. While this could be a phantom injury that was made up for a little roster flexibility, there is a good chance this is something much more serious. Tomlin has struggled all season in ways he never has before in his career. This could very well have to do with chronic elbow pain that has forced him to change his delivery. By placing him on the DL, the Indians will be able to give Tomlin some time to rest his arm without having to worry about pitching from the bullpen without notice on any particular day. Tomlin could be a very important part of the Indians rotation next season if he can get through the issues he had this season, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to shut him down officially for the rest of the season.

Player of the Game

Michael Brantley lead the team tonight as hit had three hits and scored each time he reached base. Included in his hits was a two run home run to open the Indians scoring. Casey Kotchman also had a good game offensively, scoring 4.72 points on the strength of his own two run home run (with Brantley on base). Brantley finished the game with a score of 6.57.

Feathers Up

Chris Seddon was unofficially removed from the starting rotation as he threw in relief for the second time since he was brougt up as a starting pitcher. He will likely take Josh Tomlin’s place as the long man out of the bullpen with Hernandez taking his spot in the rotation tomorrow. He ended up throwing 2.1 innings, striking out a pair and allowing just one run.

The Indians tried to make it interesting late, scoring four unanswered runs over the last three innings, but when your starting pitcher is as useless as Ubaldo Jimenez, six runs just isn’t enough. 100% of the blame for this loss falls squarely on Jimenez’s shoulders. The offense scored, the defense was above average and the bullpen was good enough. All these parts are important are important in every game, but none so as important as the one that doesn’t work on any particular night.

Feathers Down

Manny Acta certainly showed some undue faith in Ubaldo Jimenez as he allowed him to pitch through the 4th inning, during which he allowed two home runs and four total runs, bringing the Angels total to eight. Jimenez has been so bad this year, the Indians will soon have to think about replacing him internally. There are very few pitchers in the Indians minor league system who would allow 8 runs a game.

Play of the Game

Ezequiel Carrera knocked in the the Indians third run with a bases loaded infield single to the pitcher. Both Albert Pujols and Zack Greinke went to field the ball and Carrera was safe when there was no one to cover first.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 6 – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 9

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