8/3 Game Recap: Indians 10 – Tigers 2

Roster Update: In the second incredibly intelligent move in the past week, the Indians cut the waste of space/money/time that was Johnny Damon to make room for Ezequiel Carrera, who legitamately should have been on this team since day one after his impressive season in 2011. Carrera will likely split time with Shelley Duncan and Brent Lillibridge in left field and possibly spell Michael Brantley in center from time to time. This also means that there will be no more milestone updates about Damon moving up the leaderboards in at bats. What a shame.

Player of the Game

Cody Allen won his second Player of the Game of the year because everyone else on the team is terrible. He score was 2.64. No other player scored more than 2 points. Johnny Damon gets a figurative 10 points for not being on the team anymore.

Feathers Up

Cody Allen had another great game (he was the only one) as he threw two innings and struck out three Tigers.

The Indians no longer have to deal with Johnny Damon’s noodle arm in left field and .220 batting average at the plate.

Feathers Down

Ezequiel Carrera made an awful play in left in the third inning when he let an easy out sail over his glove with the sun in his eyes. He was wearing sunglasses, but had made the decision not to flip them down. If you remember his play last year, he is good for about one of these a season and should be Gold Glove material for the rest of the year.

Early on it looked like the Indians had worked through some of their offensive struggles with a couple hits in both the first and third innings, but they only amounted to a single run and as the last innings came around there was no other scoring to mention.

Justin Masterson must have forgot it was his week to pitch well. He threw 4 innings and allowed 7 runs including a giant two run bomb by Prince Fielder.

Losing Streak Update: 7 games

Play of the Game

Pick one. How about Ezequiel Carrera throwing out Alex Avila at home to end the inning after a two out single by Austin Jackson.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 2 – Detroit Tigers 10

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