9/8 Game Recap: Indians 0 – Twins 3

Player of the Game

Frank Herrmann and Tony Sipp tied for Player of the Game for the first tie in Player of the Game history. Each pitcher threw a perfect inning with a strike out. The top scoring offensive player was Shin-Soo Choo with two singles for a score of 0.43.

Feathers Up

The Indians season is one game closer to being over.

Feathers Down

The Twins had what ended up being about an hour long ceremony before the game, so sorry to anyone who believed me when I posted the game would start at 7:10 PM. It actually started at about 7:50 PM. You can blame Tom Kelly.

Apparently the Indians have foregone the six man rotation in favor of a much more complicated system. In back to back games the Indians starter has come out in the third inning (this time because of a high pitch count) and been replaced by another starting pitcher. While this may be a good way to get each pitcher some innings as the season ends, it isn’t a very good way to evaluate how each pitcher will perform in a full game situation.

With just four hits on the night and just one after the second inning, the Indians offense was something special tonight. It takes a special effort to be that ineffective. Twins starter Cole De Vries has a WHIP on the season of 1.22, but the Indians were only able to manage 5 baserunners in 6 innings against him. They also were unable to score against him and his superb 4.11 ERA.

Play of the Game

Jack Hannahan started a nifty double play in the eighth, stepping on third, then throwing to first to complete the play. This game was almost devoid of anything even remotely entertaining. Even for the Twins the game must have been boring. They scored their last run on a bases loaded walk immediately after a pitching change.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 0 – Minnesota Twins 3

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