6/4 Recap: Indians 3 – Yankees 4

Roster Update: Because of the injury sustained by Asdrubal Cabrera last night to his right calf, he has been placed on the disabled list. Columbus starting short stop, Juan Diaz, will be brought in as his replacement on the 25 man roster and will take Mike Aviles place in the lineup as Aviles moves to starting short stop. While Aviles starting at short is the obvious solution, it is disappointing that the Indians didn't use this opportunity to promote Lonnie Chisenhall. He has been tearing up the International League as of late and is now ranked sixth on the team in RBI despite having about 90 less at bats than the next highest batter. His slash line of .364/.667/.434 makes him the team leader in all three stats. While Diaz will be available as back-up short stop, Chisenhall would be a starter and actually add something to the offense as he would replace Jason Giambi or Ryan Raburn on a daily basis.

Player of the Game

For the second night in a row, Drew Stubbs showed some promise of turning things around. This time it was a three run home run that brought the Indians back within one and removed Joba Chamberlain from the game. Stubbs also had the only hit against Phelps when he beat out what should have been an easy ground out to short. His POG score of 5.85 marks this as his best game of the year.

Feathers Up

Normally, a starting pitcher allowing just four runs in six innings at Yankee stadium would be considered a great effort, but a lack of offense killed Scott Kazmir's decent performance. Interestingly enough, Kazmir lasted just as long as Yankees' starter, David Phelps who allowed just a single hit during his six innings.

Feathers Down

It was deja vu for the Tribe tonight as Mark Teixeira gave the Yankees a 4-0 lead early in the game. This time it was just a three run home run, instead of the grand slam as Ichiro Suzuki had already knocked in one run with a single. Teixeira is making up for lost time and now has two home runs on the season. Only a baserunning gaff by Chris Stewart kept them both from being grand slams as the Yankee catcher was caught out in a run down after hitting a single.

Two games in New York and two 'mo' saves for Mo. If Mariano Rivera played every game at home against the Indians he wouldn't have to retire at the end of this season.

Mike Aviles was thrown out of the game after it was over because of yet another terrible call by a home plate umpire against the Indians. The Tribe are having a hard enough time scoring runs these days, they certainly don't need to be playing against the umpires as well.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 3 – New York Yankees 4

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