8/12 Recap: Indians 0 – Twins 3

Player of the Game

The beneficiary of a lot of innings in losing efforts since coming to Cleveland, Marc Rzepczynski has already won his second Player of the Game. Today, he continued his scoreless stretch with two more innings, walking and striking out two.

Feathers Up

More an interesting note than anything of matter, but there have only been two players in MLB history named Albers and both were on the field for tonight's match-up. Minnesota starter Andrew Albers and Indians reliever Matt. They are unrelated.

Feathers Down

Danny Salazar fared much more poorly than he has in either of his first two starts, allowing two home runs in the first two innings, including one to Brian Dozier in the first at bat of the game. In the end, Salazar was pulled after the fourth inning, allowing three runs and three walks (he had allowed just five runs and two walks in 13.2 innings in his first two starts).

Putting the ball in play wasn't very safe for the Indians tonight who were called out in the field on all but four plays while Albers was in the game. The main culprit for this was the Minnesota defense that was catching everything in sight and made some of the best plays against the Tribe this season. The first base umpire didn't help things either, blowing a call against the Indians on both sides of the ball. The four times the Indians weren't out in the field were two strike outs and singles by Jason Kipnis and Yan Gomes.

More people came to watch a Monday night game between a fourth and second place team in Minnesota than have seen a game in Cleveland since July fifth. For that game the Indians had the lucky combination of the first and second place teams playing each other with Justin Masterson on the mound and dollar dogs in the stands with the addition of the biggest fireworks show of the year. In fact, the only game at Progressive Field that has surpassed 30,000 fans this season that was not on a Friday with dollar dogs was Opening Day.

The Indians hitters should be embarrassed about how foolish a rookie starter made them look when they are supposedly playing for a playoff spot. While the Tigers did lose tonight so the Indians didn't lose any ground there, the Royals won

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 0 – Minnesota Twins 3

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