8/2 Recap: Indians 0 – Marlins 10

Player of the Game

As in any game where the Indians get shut out and the starting pitcher exits before the fifth inning a reliever won Player of the Game tonight. This time it was Bryan Shaw, who threw two innings, giving up a single walk while striking out four. He is the first relief pitcher to win the award in the past 23 games. The team POG score of -11.24 makes the the second worst game of the year for the Tribe, only beaten by the 14-1 loss against the Yankees in April.

Feathers Up

It may seem like a negative, but season long interleague play has allowed Indians fans to see one of the best young pitchers that you haven't heard of. Jose Fernandez didn't disappoint tonight as he went eight shut out innings, striking out a career high fourteen and being altogether dominating, the exact opposite of Ubaldo Jimenez. Those who listened to the Fox Sports Ohio broadcast also got to hear the very interesting story of how he had to try four times to escape from Cuba. The only mar on his outing tonight was a walk to Jimenez, but that was probably just him giving back to Jimenez for how many balls he threw to Marlins hitters.

Bryan Shaw came in to relieve Jimenez in the fifth inning and reminded the Marlins who they are. He threw two full innings, striking out the first four batters he faced until he walked Giancarlo Stanton in the 6th. He immediately rectified this error by getting Logan Morrison to ground into an inning ending double play.

Feathers Down

Luckily for the Indians, they don't have to travel to Miami often, but Marlins Park certainly is garish to say the least. From the awful green that is found almost everywhere around the ballpark to the art deco monster that sits in centerfield, the stadium is a mess. Of course they do deserve credit for having a FOWLR tank integrated into the wall down the first base line.

The Marlins are the worst scoring team in the Majors, but Asdrubal Cabrera helped them get started in the first inning when he took a routine possible double play and bobbled the ball, leading to two runners on with just one out. The Marlins then put three runs on the board (two unearned) giving them their season average runs per game in the first inning.

Ubaldo Jimenez had a full blown relapse today as he returned to 2012 form, leading off batters with a ball and only getting worse from there. While all the runs weren't his fault, the nine hits in four innings were, as well as the two walks, wild pitch and stolen base allowed. Extra outs hurt him as well, but going deep into counts without a positive result was the main cause of Jimenez being forced to throw 107 pitches in four innings.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 0 – Miami Marlins 10

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