All-Star Game Recap 2013

Another All-Star game has passed and if you actually paid attention to the game (instead of the hype and the announcers) you would have seen the AL Central Division shine on the biggest stage. The top performer of the game (not the MVP, however), was White Sox pitcher Chris Sale who through two perfect innings in relief with two strike outs while earning the win. Tigers starter, Max Scherzer, threw a perfect first with a strike outs and Greg Holland (Kansas City closer) threw a third of an inning, allowing a single and earning a hold.

In Indians news, only Jason Kipnis played in the game, but he made his mark, hitting an RBI double in his only at bat. He also made a couple of defensive plays at second base including the final out of the game. Other Central Division stand outs offensively included Miguel Cabrera who doubled and scored the AL's first run and his teammate Prince Fielder who hit a triple late in the game.

While all the attention was paid to the players from New York, the credit for this American League win belongs completely with the AL Central. The Central has been considered the weakest division in the AL basically since the divisions were split into three. Because of this, it is interesting how many players in total came out of the AL Central originally. In addition to those mentioned, Joe Mauer (Twins) at catcher, David Ortiz (former Twin) at DH and Alex Gordon (Royals), Jhonny Peralta (Indians and Tigers), Torii Hunter (Twins and Tigers) and Joe Nathan (Twins) all played for the AL. With the NL, Brandon Phillips (Indians), Carlos Beltran (Royals), Michael Cuddyer (Twins), Cliff Lee (Indians), Carlos Gomez (Twins), Marco Scutaro (Indians) and Ed Mujica (Indians) all have their roots firmly set in the American League Central Division.

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