Michael Brantley

Series Preview: Blue Jays at Indians 4/18-20

The Indians managed a split of two games in Detroit, impressive considering their 4-15 effort in 2013. The Tribe had similar struggles in that series as they have had in each series recently with the top of the line-up under performing and the starting pitching being inconsistent. The line-up has seen some surprise performers (mostly […]

Asdrubal Cabrera3

Series Preview: Tigers at Indians 4/15-17

The White Sox proved to be a much tougher foe than last season their first time around, but now the Indians will face a real challenge. Last season, the Tigers were the only thing keeping the Tribe away from a Central Division championship on multiple fronts. First, Cleveland finished the season just a game behind […]

David Murphy2

Series Preview: Indians at White Sox 4/10-13

Each series so far has been effected by rain, including two doubleheaders just nine games into the season. Hopefully, the Indians will be able to avoid bad weather in Chicago, where they will play their first four game series of 2014. Last season, the Indians excelled in four game series including three sweeps against Chicago […]

Nick Swisher5

Series Preview: Padres at Indians 4/7-9

The Indians have had their ups and downs this season with games they looked unbeatable and others where they looked no-hittable. With that being said, anything is better than being the Padres. San Diego’s finest are 2-5 to start the season with just seven extra base hits in as many games. To make things even […]

Danny Salazar1

Series Preview: Twins at Indians 4/4-6

The Indians used two ninth inning wins to take the series against the Athletics and will move on to face the Twins who had a hard time with the White Sox including a walk-off Wednesday night. The Indians have had early issues with their offense, but the Twins have had trouble everywhere and are in […]

Corey Kluber1

Series Preview: Indians at Athletics 3/31-4/2

The regular season is finally here and the Indians are ready to take on the A’s in Oakland. There will be familiar faces on both sides for Indians fans as four of the six starting pitchers were in the Indians rotation in 2013. In addition to Scott Kazmir, who turned an opportunity with the Indians […]

Spring Training Opening Day 2014

It's finally time. The first day of fake games before the real games is here. After two weeks of PFP, batting and fielding practice, it is time to put everything together and see how it fits on a baseball field against another team. This is a great time as there is no focus on winning, […]

Match-Up Analysis: Tribe vs Reds 2014

Normally, individual match-ups between Spring Training teams are less important to a team than their actual players performances, but the Indians have grown a slight rivalry with the Reds since they started playing at the same stadium during Spring Training. Not only do the two teams share the facilities in Goodyear, but they play against […]

Wild Card Preview: Rays at Indians 10/2

The Tampa Bay Rays were able to go into Texas and take away the one game play-off behind the strength of a complete game by David Price. There is little question that the better team won, despite both teams being tied going into the game. The Rangers benefited greatly by playing in the AL West […]

Series Preview: Indians at Twins 9/26-29

We're finally at the end of another long season and the Indians are making things interesting by competing for a Wild Card position that possibly won't be decided until the final game of the season. After completely decimating the White Sox (and breaking Hawk Harrelson's heart in the process), the Indians will play another lowly […]

Series Preview: White Sox at Indians 9/24-25

Coming off a series sweep against the D-IAA Houston Astros, the Indians now have a tentative (1.5 game)  hold over a Wild Card spot. That hold can be made much more secure with a winning record during the final two series of the year. Texas will be playing the Astros after they leave Cleveland and […]

Series Preview: Astros at Indians

A series win against Kansas City would have placed the Indians in one of the two Wild Card spots, but the feisty Royals have stuck around for a little while longer. The Indians will come back home now, where they will face an easier and less familiar foe. Finally, the Houston Astros have come back […]

Series Preview: Indians at Royals 9/16-18

A series sweep against Chicago has placed the Indians in an extremely good position to move into first in the Wild Card race, a feat they could accomplish with a good series against Kansas City. The two Wild Card leaders will be playing each other in a four game series while the Indians are taking […]

Series Preview: Indians at White Sox 9/12-15

After a difficult series against the delusional Royals, the Indians will go to Chicago for a pivotal four game series. Of course, every game for the rest of the season is pivotal with four teams vying for one remaining play-off spot. Playing on the road has been a struggle for the Indians this year, going […]

Series Preview: Royals at Indians 9/9-11

While the Indians were able to win their series against the lowly Mets, they were unable to maintain the one game distance between them and the Wild Card leading Rays when they lost the final game. A sweep was well within reach, but things slipped away in the final inning Sunday afternoon. The Indians will […]