All-Time Indians: Andre Thornton

Name: Andre Thornton     Position: First Base/DH              
          Number: 29                
Tribe Time: 1977-1979, 1981-1987     DOB: 08/13/1949              
Accolades: 2 Time All-Star (1982,1984), 1984 Silver Slugger (DH), Top 20 MVP (1978,1985)        
Best Season (1982) 161 589 90 161 26 1 32 116 285 109 81 6 7 46% .386 .484 .273 .870 .211
Career 1225 4313 650 1095 193 12 214 749 1954 685 683 39 33 54% .355 .453 .254 .808 .199


Andre Thornton was the first full time designated hitter for the Cleveland Indians. The Tribe spent the first few years after the implementation of the DH in 1973 plugging in various players, but didn't really have anyone who fit the role until Thornton. From 1977 until 1979 he played first and lead the team as the top offensive player. He then missed all of the 1980 season and was replaced at first by a youngster by the name of Mike Hargrove. Upon his return to the team in 1981 he was changed to DH to allow Grover to stay at first. By the next season Thornton was back to the top of his game, turning in the best season of his career with 32 home runs and 116 RBI. His 109 walks and 161 games from that year remain in the top 10 single season totals for the Indians all time.

As far as his career goes, he was two home runs short of making the top five Indians all time. When he hit his 214th home run it was good for fourth all time as an Indian, but he has been passed since by a trio of 1990's power hitters in Jim Thome, Albert Belle and Manny Ramirez. He remains in the top ten in career walks (and strikeouts) as well. His Silver Slugger in 1984 was the first awarded to a member of the Cleveland Indians. The power hitting first baseman with the big glasses didn't get to enjoy much success while playing with the team, entering and exiting during the down portion of the last century for the Tribe (from 1957-1993), but he will be remembered forever in Indians history as a member of the Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame (class of 2007). 

Andre Thornton

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