All-Time Indians: Ed Beatin

Name: Ebenezer Abrose Beatin Position: Starting Pitcher    
Tribe Time: 1889-1891       DOB: 08/10/1866      
Best Season (1889) 20 15 0.571 3.58 36 35 3 317.2 316 126 12 141 126 1.44 3.6 .249
Career 42 48 0.467 3.78 94 90 4 821.0 873 345 24 348 285 1.49 3.1 .262

Ed Beatin was the original ace of the Spiders when the Blues left the American Association for the National League and changed their name to the Spiders. While most of the stories about the Spiders come from the time from 1892 through 1899 when Cy Young and Nig Cuppy headed the rotation, Beatin was in control during the first three seasons.

Beatin originally signed with the Detroit Wolverines and pitched his first two seasons there at the age of 20 and 21. In that time, he started 14 games and completed all of them, finishing his time in Detroit with an ERA of 3.02. The Wolverines disbanded at the end of that season (1888) and the Spiders took advantage, purchasing Beatin, Henry Gruber and a couple role players. With the change of scenary, Beatin took on a change in role as well, immediately becoming the Spider's first ace. While Cinders O'Brien started in a few more games, Beatin lead the team in strike outs and held an impressive ERA of 3.58 while winning 20 of his 36 starts. Only once during the entire season did he not complete a game as he finished the season averaging almost nine innings per game.

With his success in 1888, the Spiders decided they didn't need anyone else. Beatin started 54 of the Spiders 132 games and posted some very impressive numbers. While they aren't the stats you would generally want to lead the league in, Beatin's extreme amount of innings allowed him to lead the NL in hits and runs allowed as he set marks that ended up being in the top five most in pre-AL Cleveland baseball. That season he also set team marks within the top ten in starts, losses and walks. That season, the third most used starter with just 16 starts was a 23 year old rookie named Cy Young.

As often happened in the early days of baseball, Beatin had an incredibly short career. In 1891, Beatin switched roles from ace to forgotten as he allowed an ERA of 5.28 in five games. He still finished what he started, even if it was less efficiently, as he completed two of his four starts, ending his career with 104 complete games in 108 starts. Despite playing just three seasons in Cleveland, Beatin ranks among the greatest Spiders pitchers in history, ranking in the top ten in BAA, K/9, strike outs, innings, ERA and wins.

The Spiders had moved on to a new ace in Cy Young, with Nig Cuppy and John Clarkson taking the majority of the rest of the starts and Beatin was left behind. He retired after 1891 at just 24 years old. While most players would be just reaching their prime, Beatin had already peaked and fallen and he left baseball altogether. He was able to enjoy a lengthy retirement at least, living to the age of 58.

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