Indians Top 10 Records Update

Despite the team not having many 10 year veterans (just one actually) and not having many truly amazing seasons (just two), a couple Indians players did manage to encroach on the All-Time records just a little bit.

Single Season


Vinnie Pestano (36) took over first all time in single season holds from Rafael Betancourt (31).

Joe Smith (21) passed Paul Shuey (19) for 8th all time.


Chris Perez had a shot at the number one spot, but ended up tying for 6th with Jose Mesa and Mike Jackson with 39 saves in a single season.


Hit Batters:

Roberto Hernandez (59) hit a single batter this year, moving him into a third place tie with long time Indians starter Mel Harder in this coveted statistic.


Along with the single season record, there was a lot of movement in the career record list for holds. Rafael Perez (69) remains in second place behind Rafael Betancourt (84).

Vinnie Pestano (68) passed Paul Shuey (67) for third all time.

Joe Smith (63) and Tony Sipp (60) are 5th and 6th, respectively, after pushing back Ricardo Rincon (43) and Bob Howry (37) to 7th and 8th.

The Hold has existed since 1999, so although it isn’t the most meaningful stat, it does show that the Indians current bullpen is very good, with four of the top ten spots taken by players currently on the roster.


Chris Perez (99) recently passed Mike Jackson (94) for 4th all time in career saves.

Winning Percentage:

A single win was enough to push Rafael Perez (21-12, .636) into 10th all-time in winning percentage among pitchers with at least 25 decisions. He passed Cliff Lee (83-48, .634)

Strike Outs:

Travis Hafner remains in second place with 881 career strike outs.

Home Runs:

Travis Hafner (200) passed Al Rosen (192) in career home runs this year, moving him to 8th all time. Of all the records that were updated this season, this is the only one that really matters. Hafner should be honored and praised for his career with the Indians that took a lot more physically from him than anyone ever gives him credit for. Pronk is the greatest DH the Indians have ever had the pleasure of putting in their lineup and there doesn’t appear to be anyone else approaching who is anywhere near his level. This particular number probably won’t be updated again for a long time unless Shin-Soo Choo can play for the Tribe at least another six years at his current level.

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