Michael Bourn Has Hamstring Surgery

Indians center fielder Michael Bourn, who was injured during the final regular-season game while stealing second, has had surgery on his left hamstring Tuesday in Dallas. The team said Bourn will need six weeks to recover at his home in Houston before he can begin his normal offseason program.
According to Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Indians called the surgery a "distal hamstring debridement.' The injury took place where the tendon attaches behind Bourn's left knee.

This is a common injury to the leg as athletes that participate in sports that require sprinting, jumping, acceleration and deceleration are at increased risk. It was a hyper-extension of the hamstring tendon where it attaches to the knee. The injury most likely occurred when Bourn decelerated from a full sprint on his way to the base. 

According to the medical website Healio, initial postoperative instructions include toe-touch weight-bearing with crutches and avoidance of positions that could place extreme strain on the repair. These positions are hip flexion and knee extension. Range-of-motion restrictive hip braces that prevent flexion may be used for up to 6 weeks after surgery. If tension is present at the repair site, knee extension may also be limited to 30° to 45° with a hinged knee brace. Active hamstring activity is prohibited. Progression of weight-bearing and gradual re-establishment of hip and knee motion is commenced at 6 weeks postoperatively and may advance over the ensuing 6 weeks. Light concentric hamstring exercises are started at 6 weeks, in conjunction with core and hip stabilization.
With the aforementioned information, we should expect Bourn to be ready for spring training in February with no lingering side effects. 
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