Roberto Heredia Arrested

The Indians pitcher we all know as Fausto Carmona was arrested today in the Dominican Republic for using a false identity. Apparently, the “28 year-old” is actually 31, and his name is not really Fausto Carmona, it is Roberto Hernandez Heredia. Officials in the Dominican Republic discovered this identity falsification when “Fausto” applied for a vista to return back to the States to play ball.

What does this mean for the Indians? Currently, this is unknown. The Indians could take legal action against Carmona because his contract is based on that of a 28 year-old and he is indeed three years older, meaning his career is further along than they once thought. As of right now, the Indians are not commenting on the situation. Carmona currently exercised a $7 million option for 2012 and also has club options for 2013 and 2014. There is also uncertainty if Carmona will be able to report for Spring Training and what impact this will have on his 2012 season.


*Information taken from “Carmona Arrested for Using False Identity”