The Grady Sizemore Injury.

Grady Sizemore, Sports Hernia Surgery.

In a surprising move, it was announced that Sizemore had surgery on a sports hernia and not on his knee. Sizemore let on that his hernia had been bothering him since a slide in May, and this is his second time undergoing sports hernia surgery in the last three years. In 2009, he suffered a sports hernia in spring training, but he labored through the season until undergoing surgery in September. Sports hernias simply aren’t something that most people can play with for long before the pain becomes too intense and needs to become addressed. Most players that have hernia surgery will miss around 50 games; this suggests that performance suffers during the period before the move to the disabled list and improves after the problem has been addressed. Sizemore’s hernia will keep him out for the next six to eight weeks, which will give both his abdomen and knee a chance to heal.

Grady and club trainer Lonnie Soloff. Both reasonably dejected.