Why Michael Brantley Should Win the MVP

We already covered which players could be up for significant post-season awards this year, but two of those players deserve some extra consideration, Michael Brantley and Corey Kluber. Brantley should be a candidate for an outfield Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, the AL MVP and Hank Aaron Award. This will just focus on his attempt for […]

How International Free Agents Killed Offense in Baseball

In the 1950′s baseball expanded without adding any new franchises. After going from 1903 to 1947 without dramatically increasing the talent pool and not adding any new teams the flood gates opened up adding at least 10% of the country’s baseball players back into that pool. While it started with just Jackie Robinson and Larry […]

Going for the Gold, The Silver & Everything Else

It is hard to rate the Indians 2014 season successful or unsuccessful, largely because the quality of the players involved and the disappointing finish of the team as a whole. When a team has such talented players who stand out, as Michael Brantley and Corey Kluber did this year, the accolades shouldn’t be far behind […]

Should the Indians Extend Lonnie Chisenhall?

Of the many roster decisions the Indians will have to make this off-season, perhaps the player with the biggest range of possibilities is Lonnie Chisenhall. Going into 2014, Chisenhall was entering his fourth Major League season with a career line of .244/.284/.411 and just 23 home runs and 74 RBI, but he added another 13 […]

Mike Aviles

Should the Indians Exercise Aviles’ Option?

The Cleveland Indians will have a few hard decisions to make, regarding personnel and one of the first of these should involve Mike Aviles. Unlike all but one other member of the final 40 man roster for the Indians, Aviles is not officially under contract for the 2015 season. Rather, the super utility man has […]

Biggest Holes to Fill in 2015 & a Shovel To Fill Them

With the end of the post-season fast approaching and with it, the advent of free agency and the beginning of the trading season. It is obvious that the Indians need help if they want to be a World Series contender in 2015 and not just a Wild Card contender, although where that help comes from […]

Indians in the Play-Offs? Round 2, 2014

ALCS Indians fans should be very familiar with the newly crowned American League Champions as the Kansas City Royals have largely kept the same squad together for the past few seasons. Alex Gordon, Billy Butler and the rest of the Blue Crew have finally succeeded where no other Central Division team was able to and […]

Revisiting “Is Nick Haga-Done?”

Back in the middle of June, I wrote a piece describing the dire situation that Nick Hagadone was in. At 28, he was sent back to AAA yet again and it looked like he may be stuck there for good with Kyle Crockett replacing him at the Major League level. I highly recommend using the […]

Early Potential 2015 Indians Line-Up

Placing the 2014 Indians season fully into the rear view mirror, this will be the initial look at next year’s team. While this is likely to change many times throughout the off-season as trades are made and free agents are signed, a starting point is needed to notice any changes that are made. As there […]

A Game-by-Game Kluber Retrospective

If there is any player from the 2014 that deserves a little more recognition for his efforts, it is Corey Kluber. A Cy Young candidate, Kluber completed one of the top 30 seasons as an Indians starter ever, one of the top 15 since 1940 and unquestionably the best since 1974. We’ve already concluded tallying […]

Who Will Stay & Who Will Go: 2014 Edition

Whether you are Chris Antonetti, attempting to fill holes in the 2015 roster, someone in the Indians marketing department trying to decide which player to put on the 2015 Spring Training tickets or just a fan wondering whose jersey is going to be safe to buy, the first thing you need to know is which […]

Cleveland Indians Top 10 Defensive Plays for 2014

The Indians may have had the worst defense in all of baseball this season, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t moments of excellence. In fact, there were more than 80 plays designated as especially impressive and those plays have been whittled down to the best ten plays of the year. Of course, completely throwing away […]

Indians in the Play-Offs? Divisional Edition

The Cleveland Indians as a unit may have not made the play-offs in 2014, but thanks to the large amount of turnover in Major League rosters, plenty of former Indians have made it to October. For the sake of those fans who have not forgotten, we will bring you an Indians centric view of the […]

2014 Burning River Awards

With the expectation that somehow the players on the Cleveland Indians will be excluded from every single major national award, we have our own rewards to give exclusively to members of the Cleveland Indians franchise. Brought to you by, here are the 2014 Burning River Awards! “The Lee Award” for Most Improved Player – […]

Cleveland Indians Top 10 Offensive Plays for 2014

While not quite as dramatic as 2013, this season was still filled with walk-offs, big home runs and other exciting offensive plays. Even though the Indians scored just 636 runs overall, this just made each individual run that much more important. To keep things interesting, plays within the same game are included together and only […]