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Burning River Baseball is evolving. Starting in the 2013 baseball season we will be introducing a new aspect of the site, Burning River Radio. This will essentially take over the Indians Arguments segment of the site, giving you an audio version of the debates that initially inspired the creation of this site. Mike and myself have been having these discussions for years and now we are bringing them to you. All you need to do to listen is press play on the widget below:

This first week we will be posting two episodes. The one posted above is an intro episode to the show, where we outline what we will be doing in future episodes and introduce ourselves. Below, is episode two, where we talk about the Indians 25 man roster and our predictions for the Burning River Awards. We discuss in depth the versatility of the team, the 27 man roster, the greatness of the bullpen and the terrifying starting rotation. Sorry for any technical difficulties, but we are new at this and it should get better as the weeks go on.

The most recent episode will always be available on the right side of the website and will be in a player like those in this article. New episodes will be posted in articles just like this one as soon as they are recorded. If you would like to download the show and listen to it elsewhere, go to burningriverbaseball.podomatic.com The show is unedited and uncensored so if you are easily offended, don't listen. We will try to record at least one episode a week during the regular season, but don't count on anything. Enjoy, and be sure to give up your feedback at burningriverbaseball@gmail.com.

Joseph Coblitz

About Joseph Coblitz

Joseph is the primary writer and editor of BurningRiverBaseball.com and has been since its inception in 2011. He also writes for The Outside Corner and the Comeback and hosts the Tribe Time Now podcast. He is a graduate of the University of Akron and currently resides in Goodyear, Arizona the Spring Training home of the Cleveland Indians. Follow on twitter @BurningRiverBB