Indians Predictions 2013

Indians arguments is back with our predictions for the 2013 season. This year (after epically blowing all of our MLB predictions) we will be sticking with what we know, the Cleveland Indians. We have three categories of predictions this season. First is the Indians leaders for the triple crown stats (wins, strike outs, ERA, home runs, RBI and batting average), followed by our predicted winners for the Burning River Awards given away at the end of the season. Finally, each writer for Burning River will pick the final rankings for the American League Central Division.

Indians Triple Crown Leaders

Stat 2012 Joe Jen Mike
HR Santana Nick Swisher Carlos Santana Asdrubal Cabrera
RBI Kipnis Carlos Santana Jason Kipnis Nick Swisher
AVG Brantley Michael Brantley Michael Bourne Asdrubal Cabrera
W Masterson Justin Masterson Zach McAllister Justin Masterson
K Masterson Justin Masterson Ubaldo Jimenez Justin Masterson
ERA Masterson Justin Masterson Zach McAllister Justin Masterson

Burning River Awards

Award 2012 Joe Jen Mike
Most Improved Choo Justin Masterson Ubaldo Jimenez Carlos Carrasco
Rookie of the Year McAllister Trevor Bauer Tim Fedroff C.C. Lee
Best Reliever Pestano Vinnie Pestano Joe Smith Vinnie Pestano
Best Defender Brantley Michael Bourne Jason Kipnis Drew Stubbs
Best Hitter Choo Jason Kipnis Nick Swisher Lonnie Chisenhall
Best Pitcher Pestano Vinnie Pestano Joe Smith Vinnie Pestano
MVP Kipnis Jason Kipnis Asdrubal Cabrera Lonnie Chisenhall

Central Division Standings

2012 Joe Jen Mike
Tigers Indians Indians White Sox
White Sox Tigers Tigers Royals
Royals Royals Twins Twins
Indians White Sox Royals Tigers
Twins Twins WhiteSox Indians

Hopefully we will be at least a little more accurate than in previous seasons, but either way, we'll go over results at the end of the season and laugh at how silly Mike was.

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