How to get Free Stuff in 2014

The Indians have announced their tentative promotional schedule and Burning River Baseball will tell you exactly what games you need to go to in order to get the best stuff. Do you like bobble-heads, t-shirts, hot dogs and posters? The Indians have all those things and more coming for you and we're going to tell you when and how.

There will be a few random giveaways like always, including the perennial Magnet Schedule on Opening Day, April 4th. After that, there will be an MLB Network Bag given away (along with fireworks) on May 17th and a 20th Anniversary Commemorative poster (presumably of the first season of Jacob's, now Progressive, Field on May 20th. There will be another Weather Education Day on May 21st where all kids involved will get a Weather Booklet and in a similar vein, on August 13th, the Indains and Sports Time Ohio will be giving away Aviator Sunglasses to the first 10,000 fans. This was most likely though up by STO color man, Rick Manning, who is always concerned with everyone getting the sun in their eyes. 

Everybody's favorite give away, the Indians have five new bobble heads coming out celebrating the present, the past and the local "culture." Of the active players on the Indians, Jason Kipnis and Michael Bourn will be honored with individual bobble heads on July 8th and June 3rd respectively. To remember the past, Orel Hershiser will be getting his first bobble head and it is a nice one, showing the former Cy Young award winner and World Series MVP in stride on May 3rd. Finally, as part of their emphasis on the frat-boy inspired "Bro-Hio," the Indians are giving away a Brohio, Nick Swisher bobble head on May 31st. While it seems silly, the Indians are doing a lot with that section of seats (which is in foul territory down the right field line) including electing a governor of the section who will be given tickets to special Brohio games.There will only be 10,000 bobble-heads given away at each game, so make sure to get there early.

While not really a giveaway, the Indians will be continuing on with the tradition of Dollar Dog and fireworks nights. Currently, they have 12 DD nights scheduled, seven of which also include fire works. In addition to those, there will be another eight fireworks nights, some of which coincide with other giveaways. In general, Dollar Dog nights will be on Fridays, but that is not always the case, so check the link in the first line for a full list. The best date of these will be the whole reason for hot dogs and fire works, the Fourth of July. After a few years of shooting off Fourth of July fireworks a few days late due to being on the road, the Indians will be at home against Kansas City on the Fourth. For the biggest fireworks fans, check out Rock 'N Blast, where the Indians put fireworks to themed music (the theme is undecided as of yet) on both August 15th and 16th.

In addition to those events listed above, the Indians have two other event types that are not really giveaways, Kids Fun Days and the Rally Alley. There will be ten Kids Fun Days, all on Sundays in 2014. While these regularly don't coincide with giveaways as they once did, there will still be fun things for kids to do prior to the game where the Rally Alley is. There are two specific Fun Days that stand out as a little different. On June 22nd, Jo-Ann Fabrics will be sponsoring a craft day to go along with Kids Fun Day and August 3rd will be Slider's Birthday. For all fans, there will be another 11 designated Rally Alley games, generally lining up with weekends and fire works games. There will also be a repeat of Puppypalooza on June 17th.

Back to free stuff, the Indians will be giving away thousands of shirts to Ohioans this summer. Each shirt and jersey will be given to at least 10,000 fans. In the end, there will be six of these games, including one of the best combinations of the season. First, the Indians had two t-shirt designed, one by GV Art and one by a chosen fan that will be given away on June 18th and September 6th, the second of which coincides with fireworks. In addition, there are four jerseys being given away, all remembering former players. There will be a Terry Francona jersey on August 23rd, Kenny Lofton on July 12th and Larry Doby on July 5th. The best shirt give away will be on June 21st, where you can see Omar Vizquel get inducted into the Indians Hall of Fame, see fire works, enjoy Rally Alley and get a Vizquel jersey. In all, this is likely going to be the second best giveaway of the season.

The best giveaway of the year will take place on August 2nd against the Rangers. Celebrating another 1990's superstar, the Indians have commemorated a statue of Jim Thome that will be revealed on this date and in his honor, they will also be giving away a miniature of the statue to the first 12,500 fans. In addition, there will be a 20th Anniversary celebration of Jacob's/Progressive Field, fireworks and the Rally Alley. In all, this should be a very exciting Saturday in Cleveland and will likely be about 70° warmer than it is right now. Make sure to make it to this game and support the greatest power hitter in Indians history and get a little something for yourself as well.

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