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Have you ever though to yourself, "I really want a new 1904 replica block "C" Indians hat, but can't bring myself to pay for it?" If so, then you are in luck. The Cleveland Indians are holding a ton of giveaways for fans (in addition to all the money they are giving away to Michael Bourne and Nick Swisher) and Burning River Baseball will highlight the best of them for you.

  • There are 18 different give-a-way days on the scedule (not including weather and photo days), 16 fireworks shows and 15 dollar dog nights.
  • Almost every single Friday home game features both dollar dogs and fireworks, perfect for those who enjoy the patriotic American experience. What could be more American than baseball (featuring a team named after Native Americans), hot dogs and things exploding.
  • There are only two bobbleheads this year, but they are good ones. One of the best giveaways of the year will be the Albert Belle 1995 ALDS bobblehead, pointing at his bicep. This will be given away on June 1st. The second bobbler is also a throwback as Omar Vizquel will be given out on July 8th.
  • If free is your favorite kind of shirt, 2013 is the year for you. There are two shirt and five jersey giveaways. There will be  replica jerseys of newcomer Nick Swisher on August 24th, Michael Brantley on July 28th and (my favorite) Jason Kipnis on June 15th. The other jerseys and shirts are throwbacks.
  • The coolest new giveaway of the year is the Rocky Colavito Hall of Fame Commemorative Plaque. This is a unique item, reminiscent of the Bob Feller statue they gave away a few years ago (my favorite giveaway of all time). If this game is a big seller, maybe the Indians will continue this line into 2014 and do a few more all time favorites.
  • Remember that all giveaways are limited to the first 10,000 fans, so get there early if you want one of the special giveaways. While early season ticket sales were slightly dismal, things have picked up incredibly since the Michael Bourne signing, showing that if the team shows that they are going to try to win games, the fans will show up.

If you like free things, you probably like to save money all around as well. Check out the Progressive Field guide at our friends Ballpark for some great tips on how to get cheap tickets, how to get to the game, park and eat for the bare minimum.

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