Nick Swisher

NICK SWISHER DAY! An Introduction

The creator of BrOhio, Nick Swisher was the biggest free agent signing in total money in Cleveland Indians history. While he has taken a lot of negativity, his attitude has never changed as he remains the ultimate bro. In honor of this unrelenting positiveness, Burning River Baseball (or Broning River Baseball for the day), will be all about the Swish all day on July 8th. There will be some best-of articles from the beginning of Swisher’s career with the Tribe and later one, with new commentary to see how accurate they really were. There will also be a few new posts about his current state. Finally, look out for a very special Nick Swisher oriented post game report as the Indians play his former team, the New York Yankees at 7:05 PM.

Nick Swisher

Joseph Coblitz

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Joseph is the primary writer and editor of and has been since its inception in 2011. He also writes for The Outside Corner and the Comeback and hosts the Tribe Time Now podcast. He is a graduate of the University of Akron and currently resides in Goodyear, Arizona the Spring Training home of the Cleveland Indians. Follow on twitter @BurningRiverBB