This Week In Tribe 08/04-08/10

After a busy trade deadline for the Indians front office, the players on the field look to improve on their sub .500 record after the deadline. To do so, they will have to compete with two of the most storied franchises in Major League Baseball: A four-game, home and home series with the Cincinnati Reds […]

Nick Swisher

NICK SWISHER DAY! An Introduction

The creator of BrOhio, Nick Swisher was the biggest free agent signing in total money in Cleveland Indians history. While he has taken a lot of negativity, his attitude has never changed as he remains the ultimate bro. In honor of this unrelenting positiveness, Burning River Baseball (or Broning River Baseball for the day), will […]

2014 Indians Schedule Quirks

Even though it is still just Spring Training, it is time to look ahead to the regular season to see what is coming up. While every year involves 162 games with 81 at home and 81 on the road (except in 2007), there are always considerable differences in the year to year schedule. This season […]

How to get Free Stuff in 2014

The Indians have announced their tentative promotional schedule and Burning River Baseball will tell you exactly what games you need to go to in order to get the best stuff. Do you like bobble-heads, t-shirts, hot dogs and posters? The Indians have all those things and more coming for you and we're going to tell […]

Cold in Cleveland? It’s Always Hot in Arizona

Tired of the cold yet, Clevelanders? The Browns have you down? Tired of seeing the Cavs on the outside of the play-off picture despite the fact that more than half of the teams in the league make it? Or that there is a team named the Heat that is poised for another championship run, doubly […]

Arguments For The Indians Name

This is the fifth and final segment in an ongoing series commenting on the history and future of the Cleveland Indians name and logo. Now we will look at the arguments for and against using the moniker of "Indians" for the Cleveland baseball team. Against: Times change. Words mean different things than they did in […]

Arguments Against Chief Wahoo & The Indians Name

This is part four in a series about the history and controversy surrounding the Cleveland Indians name and logo, Chief Wahoo. This particular article will focus on why the Indians should eliminate both Chief Wahoo and the Indians name and how they could do so. The arguments against Chief Wahoo and the Indians name are […]

The Argument to Keep Chief Wahoo

This is part three in a series discussing the history and current controversy surrounding the Cleveland Indians name and logo, Chief Wahoo. This article will be a discussion of the arguments for keeping the Indians logo. The debate around Chief Wahoo is far less serious than that around the Indians name itself, but it still […]

Cleveland Baseball History In Logos

This is part two of a series that will be coming out throughout the next week. It will cover the history of the Cleveland Indians name and logo, then the arguments for and against both. This article will cover the ever changing logos throughout the history or Cleveland baseball, starting in 1899. People may find […]

The History of the Names of Cleveland Baseball Teams

This is part one of a series that will be coming out in the next week. It will cover the history of the Cleveland Indians name and logo, then the arguments for and against the same. This article will cover all the changes in the names of Cleveland baseball teams starting in 1871. While the […]

2014 Spring Training Schedule Announced

The Cactus League Spring training schedule was announced yesterday, including the Indians and Reds who make their home at Goodyear Ballpark in Goodyear, Arizona. Goodyear Ballpark has been voted best place to see a Spring Training game in Arizona two out of the last three years and with both teams making the play-offs in 2013, […]

2013 Cleveland Indians Statistical Leaders

As the saying goes, a pitcher is worth 1,000 innings or something like that. Anyway, here is a graphic featuring all the Indians statistical leaders from the past season. The size of each player is based on how many stats they lead the team in, thus a very big Justin Masterson and Jason Kipnis. Since […]

All-Time Indians: Top 10 Lists Update 2013

While it may be a surprise to some, there are actually quite a few players on the active Indians roster that have been good enough for long enough to be considered in a historical context. After the 2013, a few changes needed to be made with the Top 10 All-Time Positional Rankings. Short Stops This […]

All-Star Prime 9 Give Away

Major League Baseball is now on iTunes and to celebrate, they are giving up two copies of MLB Prime 9: Heroics to give away to our readers. Here is the announcement from MLB Productions to explain what is going on:  Aside from MLB Bloopers and Prime 9: MLB Heroics, available programming includes The Best of […]