Super Tribe

There is a time for serious baseball analysis and there is a time for silliness. Now is that time.

Super Indians

For anyone who wants a poorly made Indians wallpaper for their computer, check out my Flickr account for the original.

The Cast:

Michael Bourn as the Flash – Signed for his tremendous speed, Bourn has already shown glimpses of it on the base paths and in the outfield. It is also rumored that his stint on the DL was actually because he was holding a race against LeBron James to find out who really is faster. 

Michael Brantley as the Amazing Spider Man – Wall climbing is just one of Brantley's Amazing abilities that also include diving catches in the outfield and fighting the Green Goblin.

Jason Kipnis as Iron Man – The most durable Indian, Kipnis is on the field every day no matter what. He uses his hand rockets to get that extra height when turning difficult double plays.

Nick Swisher as Nickelangelo – The original dude-bro, Nicky is way too cool to care about anything on or off the field. He actually lives in the sewers beneath Progressive Field and hangs out with a giant rat (brought with him from New York City).

Cody Allen as the Bullpen Boy Wonder – The youngest member of the Bullpen Mafia is quite a versatile little helper for Chris Perez and co. He is available for long relief or the one inning hold and is always there to save the day (or at least one time in Detroit).

Mark Reynolds as the God of Thunder – Reynolds swings a mean hammer as the most powerful member of the current Indians super team. Not only does Mjolnir put some thunder behind every swing, but his super cool, extra large helmet has really helped him add up those hit-by-pitches.

Ubaldo Jimenez as the Riddle – Who is the Riddle? No one really knows.

The Rage as the Hulk – You won't like him when he's angry and he's pretty much always angry. Sometimes he will blow away opposing hitters with an impressive fastball and slider combination while other times he will take the more simple route and just rip them in half.

Terry Francona as Professor F – The bald, parapalegic leader of the Super Tribe uses his psychic abilities to know exactly when the starting pitcher is out of gas and to create great team chemistry. Without him holding the reigns, there would be nothing to keep this group of Super-heroes together.

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