The Suite Life

First off, big thanks go to Erin and Mike of the Cleveland Indians for getting us into the Suite and the Cleveland Indians organization itself for running with such a cool idea. Burning River Baseball spent the the final game of the Indians – Angels series in the Social Suite and had a great time. Like all suites there was the option of sitting outside in the heat (92° is scary for those who live in Ohio), or inside in the air conditioning, but we watched the whole game outside rather than watch on tv in the cold.


There were two other groups in the suite as well including a couple that had just won the tickets a day before. A fan in the suite next to us even caught a Travis Hafner foul ball on the fly. The seats were very comfortable and there was a nice ledge for the laptop so I could live tweet the game and write the post game article.


The game was a good one. We saw the return of Pronk (we took pictures of every pitch in the long at bat hoping he would do something, but he just walked). He did have a good day overall as he walked a couple of times, scored a couple runs and had a hit in his first game back.


Derek Lowe pitched well, despite my misgivings in the sixth inning and there were a couple of three run homers to back him. Beating the Angels isn’t like beating the Yankees, but destroying a highly rated team like that is always fun.

I did get to see the Cuyahoga river for the first time in awhile and it turns out it’s not on fire. We may have to change the name of the site to Heavily Polluted River Baseball


It’s official. Burning River Baseball was here.

Joseph Coblitz

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