Goodyear Ballpark Seating Chart

The Views from Goodyear Ballpark

Spring Training tickets are now on sale so Indians fans can start planning their vacations to sunny Goodyear, Arizona to see their beloved Tribe play. Of course, deciding where to sit can be a challange, so Burning River Baseball is here to help with a visual aid. Here are views from all the major sections in the Ballpark along with the pricing for those sections:

1. & 2. The outfield berm is the cheapest "seat" in the house, basically the equivalent of a standing room only ticket. The view is pretty good from left especially and there is plenty of room to stretch out. One added bonus of this section is it over looks both bullpens, so if you get a spot near the bottom you can watch the pitchers warm-up up close. It's also a great way to get into the park if you just want to walk around and check things out.

3. The Right Field Pavilion has a similar view to the right field berm, but comes with All-You-Can-Eat food and soft drinks, hence the increased price tag. Food includes your normal hot dogs and chips along with pulled pork and chicken if the menu is the same as previous seasons. 

4. The Outfield Reserve holds the cheapest physical seats you can buy during Spring Training. Unless you are against sitting on grass, the views from the berm aren't much further away and have a better angle to the game. There isn't a bad seat or obstructed view in the Ballpark, but these are about the worst available.

10. The Outfield Box seats are a great deal as they offer a much closer look to the game without the price tag of the infield boxes. Goodyear Ballpark has an intimate feel to it anyway, so these seats should be close enough for the average fan.

5., 6. & 7. These are the premium seats at Goodyear Ballpark, from the end of one dugout to the end of the other. At just $23 a piece, these seats are among the cheapest in the entire Cactus League for their quality. Of course if you want to sit in this large section, make sure to get your tickets early so you can get as close to the action as possible. For reference, picture 5 was taken from the last row in that section and picture 7 is from the very first row.

8. Another front row view, this one is from the Premium Field Box seats down the third base line. One benefit of this section is that there is no risk of paying a premium price and getting seats 20 rows from the field. All the seats are padded and as close as you can get to the field.

9. The club seating is differentiated for one reason only, it is the only intentionally shaded section in the ballpark. Even though the games take place in late February and March, the Arizona heat is still a little too much for some snow birds so this section offers these cold loving people some respite from the desert sun. This section (as well as the Field Boxes) has waiter service so fans don't need to leave their seats to order food.

Terrace/Suites. The only elevated seats in the ballpark are located behind home plate. Going up one level are the suites. These need to be rented by a group and can come with food, but don't necessarily. The top level is called the Terrace. The terrace can also be rented by large groups and can be catered, but if it isn't being used as such, tickets are sold for $15 each. This is a pretty great price for seats with a birds-eye-view directly behind home plate. These seats don't go on sale until the day of the game, so it has to be a spur-of-the-moment decision.


  • Get your tickets in advance. There are only two ticket offices (one by home plate, one by center) and they acquire very long lines right before game time. Don't expect to show up ten minutes before game time and get to see first pitch.
  • Avoid will call. You may feel that using will call is a way to avoid these lines, but that is a misconception. There is just a single will call window (by home plate entrance) and the lines get backed up very quickly. Print your tickets from home or get them mailed to you if at all possible. If not, come to the game early (box office opens at 9 am game days) to make sure you get the seats you want.
  • There is no Daylight Savings Time in Arizona! They also don't use eastern time. Figure out what local time is when you get to the airport and set your watch/phone. 
  • Kids tickets in the Outfield Box, Outfield Reserve and Berm are half price, so make sure to take advantage of these discounts if you're bringing kids.
  • Days when the Indians play the Reds in Goodyear, berm seats are buy one full price, get one for a dollar. This is an especially great deal for Indians fans who want to see Shin-Soo Choo play for his new team. By sitting in the right field berm you will have the closest seat in the house to Cincinnati's new center fielder.
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